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Is This The End of Shoelaces as We Know It?

* Works in any shoe with eyelets
* Choose The Loose Fit or The Tight Fit
* Available in an array of colors and textures

If you are not familiar with Hickies, then get familiar. They are a unique “one-and-done lacing system” that will change the way you put on your sneakers forever.

Hickies are a redesign on the traditional shoelace that don’t need to be tied every time you put on and take off your shoes, as they are secured with durable clasps that won’t have to be reconnected each time you wear your sneakers. While they do not look like traditional shoelaces, these lace alternatives work in a similar way to secure your sneakers by using memory fit material that ultimately forms to your feet and adapts to your every move, giving you superior support, fit and comfort.

Made from a flexible rubber called thermoplastic elastomer, Hickies are moisture-wicking and flexible, enabling you to bounce and stretch without losing their form or elasticity. And with their signature adaptive technology and modular design, these laces are made to withstand walking, running, jumping and most any other exercise or activity you would partake in with a sneaker.

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Image Courtesy of Hickies

Hickies can be used in any type of shoes that have laces, whether you have traditional eyelets or loops. They also come in a wide array of on-trend colors and styles (including Swarovski-encrusted ones) and match any shoe size from kids to adults with the choice of their loose fit or smaller tight fit laces.

Installing your Hickies is as easy as pulling each lace through the shoelace eyelets and snapping them together. If you need help, easy, step by step instructions are provided via how-to videos and/or a lacing style cheat sheet on their website.

The best part? Since you will not have to reconnect every time you wear your sneakers, you can just slip them on, slide them off and get going.


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