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Birkenstock Upgrades Their Classic Sandal With High-end Monterey Leather

* Birkenstock remakes the classic using premium Monterey leather
* All black colorway makes these sandals modern and versatile
* Upgraded footbed and materials make them even more comfortable than before

The classic Birkenstock sandal has seen a huge comeback lately that every brand has been trying to recreate. Although

, nothing comes close to the classic nonchalant style of the Birkenstock.

But Birkenstock didn’t rest at the top, as evidenced by their new Monterey leather sandal. By remaking the sandal using the same beloved shape, new premium materials and a modern colorway, Birkenstock has yet again solidified their place as a champion of laid-back style.

These sandals are made in Germany and crafted from rich and supple Monterey leather using the same eco-friendly processes Birkenstock has employed for over 200 years. This kind of high-end craftsmanship and quality just isn’t available from other sandals, hence the price tag.

The sandals feature the same double strap, open toe build as the classics, and replace the cork with a more comfortable contoured leather footbed. They also feature an EVA sole that allows for any spontaneous summer hikes without foot fatigue.

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In all black, these sandals are a go-to for any modern summer outfit. They add an edge that flip-flops can’t, and ooze subdued, premium, relaxed style. Their versatility is top-notch, but for a great Sunday outfit try them with neutral chinos and a clean T-shirt.

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