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Stay Stylish and Warm: The ‘Holly’ Coat With Faux Fur Collar by Belle Badgley Mischka

World-renowned couture designer Badgley Mischka’s off-the-rack line, Belle, delivers all the glamour at incredible prices. This stunning “Holly” wool coat with a faux fox fur collar only looks like you paid a fortune – but if you act now, you can save 55% on this gorgeous winter jacket.

When it comes to staying warm while still looking fabulous, Badgley Mischka’s “Holly” coat is your secret style weapon. The combination of the dusty blue bouclé fabric and the luxuriously soft faux fox fur collar fight freezing temperatures and frumpy winter coat fashion at the same time.

In terms of fit, the “Holly” wool coat is generously cut so you can comfortably wear a thick sweater or layers underneath it. Thanks to a hidden snap that nips the jacket in at the waist and generous pockets on the front hips, regardless of how many layers you wear, the jacket allows you to strike a feminine form. You can also move freely while staying warm.

For a fashion-forward statement at an amazing price, the Belle Badgley Mischka “Holly” wool coat with a faux fox fur collar is a must-have winter jacket.

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