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Kick Off Football Season by Buying This Charity Shirt for Harvey Relief

* Show your Texans and Houston pride with this tee
* Help Houston rebuild from the devastation left by Hurricane Harvey
* Charitable contributions made to the American Red Cross

Before Hurricane Harvey made landfall on southern Texas, on August 26, it had been close to 12 years since a major hurricane had touched down on the contiguous United States. In late October of 2005, Hurricane Wilma devastated parts of the Caribbean, Gulf and southeastern Atlantic seaboard of the U.S. to the tune of nearly $30 billion.

It’s estimated that Hurricane Harvey will leave upwards of $70 billion or more in damage when all is said and done. The impact of Harvey will be felt for longer than we can probably fathom but there are ways to help the relief efforts now, especially if you’re a Houston Texans fan.

In collaboration with the NFL, and the Houston Texans organization, you can purchase this Houston Texans “Houston Strong” women’s v-neck t-shirt with proceeds going to the American Red Cross. Though it’s not clear if all proceeds will be made to the Red Cross, does clearly state that the NFL, Houston Texans and Fanatics will “not profit from the sale of Houston Strong products.”

At a time like this, it seems that every little bit does help and you just happen to be able wear your pride at the same time. Just in time for the NFL season, this is a timely way to not only rep your team, but also contribute to a great cause.

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