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Happy Feet: The 6 Best Ways To Stretch Out Your Shoes

* Break in your shoes before you wear them to make them more comfortable
* Stretch out shoes that are just a little too tight
* Relieve pain caused by corns, calluses, bunions and other foot ailments

To get through each day, you simply have to put one foot in front of the other. But, you can’t do that if your shoes are too tight. Maybe you bought a size too small. Maybe you just need to break them in before they break your feet. Maybe you just want your shoes to be a lot more comfortable. Either way, these 6 shoe stretchers will get your shoes in shape and give your feet much needed relief.

1. FootFitter Premium 2-Way Shoe Stretcher

Here’s your tried and true shoe stretcher. The FootFitter Premium Professional stretches both the width and length of your shoes with its beautifully polished German harvested Beech Wood. It also comes with 3 bunion/corn plugs and 14 holes for customized relief. And, it’s getting amazing reviews.


2. FootMattersProfessional Leather Stretch

Spray this FootMatters Professional Leather Stretch on your shoes and they’ll stretch while you walk. Also works great on suede, canvas, NuBuck, patent leather, and canvas shoes.


3. FootFitter Cast Iron Spot Stretching Device

Nothing worse than bunion pain. Fortunately, the FootFitter Cast Iron Ball & Ring Spot Stretching Device can stretch your shoes in the areas where you need the most room to relieve pain fast. This is what the pros use to relieve bunions, corns, hammertoes, and other foot-related pressure points.


4. B&E Life Men Shoe Tree Stretcher, 5 Pack

Why stretch one shoe at a time? This set lets you stretch up to five pairs of shoes all at once, so you can be comfortable no matter which pair you wear. They also help keep your shoes in proper shape when you’re not wearing them. Plus, the plastic is much lighter than heavy wood shoe stretchers, which makes them great for travel.


5. Boot Slip

Boot Slip helps you slide your boots on without having to wrestle them. In fact, they guarantee smooth motion at all contact points inside your boot. Works just as well for ski boots as for leather cowboy boots.


6. MEDca Shoe Stretchers

Not only are they the most colorful stretchers you’ve ever seen, MEDca Shoe Stretchers also provide immediate relief from ill-fitting shoes and foot problems such as corns, calluses, and uneven foot sizes. Best of all, they eliminate the dreaded “break-in” period.

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