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This $8 Cashmere Comb Promises To Make Your Sweaters Fuzz-Free

* Cashmere sweaters offer the softest of comforts
* De-pill your sweaters quickly and efficiently with this comb
* Restore their look without damaging the material

Cashmere sweaters may be the ultimate in luxury comfort wear – cozy yet chic, you can dress them up or down for any occasion. However, they also have an annoying tendency to pill. The fibers break down over time, then eventually tangle and mat together. Washing or dry cleaning it too often only breaks down the fabrics, and the more you pull at the fuzz, the worse it gets.

Fortunately, Comfy Clothiers has created a special sweater comb that works to de-pill sweaters, so they last longer and look fresher. Simply run it across your sweaters to remove the pills, to restore it without having to replace it.

It’s not just for cashmere either; it will also work effectively on wool, or on other items of clothing and even cloth-covered furniture. As the weather heats up and you start putting your sweaters away, it’s important to properly care for your cashmere.

As well as using the Comfy Clothiers comb, you should also either dry clean or hand wash your sweater at least twice a year, preferably with a mild detergent or baby soap. Never hang it, or it will lose its shape — lay it out on a towel to dry instead. Smooth and fold it to store, folding each side of the sweater in by a third to avoid creating a line down the middle.

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