SPY Guide: How To Clean Your UGGs

how to clean ugg boots
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* Keep your Uggs in near-new condition with this UGG Care Kit
* Winter weather can leave your shoes scuffed, dirty and full of salt stains
* The kit includes a weather protector, cleaner, deodorizer and brush

The arrival of the winter period usually indicates the start of colder outdoor temperatures and less pleasant weather. Regular cold and rainy days tend to lead to a change in wardrobe choices, specifically footwear. From all the options available, there are few better ways to deal with the cold and remain stylish than slipping on a pair of ever-popular Uggs.

While Uggs are arguably the most comfortable footwear option when it comes to the chilly winter weather, sadly, it’s not all good news. By siding with style and comfort over practicality, Uggs, which are made from a mix of sheepskin and wool, are more susceptible to picking up dirt and salt stains than the average pair of winter shoes. However, the UGG Care Kit is here to help!

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This all-encompassing kit includes everything you need to keep your Uggs in tip top condition and even bring them back from a neglected life to date. A good balance of cleaning and maintenance should allow your boots to last for many years. Let’s take a look at what each bit of the kit can do for you and your Uggs, and how to go about using it.

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UGG Cleaner and Conditioner

Breath new life back into your boots with the cleaner and conditioner. As brand new shoes are pretreated, it’s only advised that you clean your shoes after 6 months of wear. It is also worth noting that the cleaner and conditioner should not be directly applied to the shoe exterior.

Begin by removing any dirt on the shoes with a brush before lightly wetting the surface with a clean, damp sponge. Once ready, apply a small amount of the cleaner and conditioner to the sponge and scrub the shoe’s exterior clean. Make sure to remove the residue and add a structural aid inside the shoes to prevent the loss of shape (paper towels work well). Allow your shoes 24 hours to dry and follow up by brushing over the surface in a single direction to restore the desired appearance.

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UGG Protector

The Ugg Protector does exactly what it says on the tin. A light covering of this protective spray will allow your Uggs to become resistant to the harsh conditions outside, including rain, snow and dirt. The spray is best applied to new or recently cleaned shoes. To achieve protection, simply apply a light covering to your Uggs, so the exterior is slightly wet (not soaked!). Allow 24 hours drying time before using the suede brush to work over the surface in a single direction, restoring the original appearance.

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UGG Shoe Renew

The most regularly used of all the treatments in the kit, the UGG Shoe Renew should be sprayed into your shoes following every time you wear them. The spray helps to prevent unpleasant odor and keeps UGG boots smelling fresh. When applying the Shoe Renew to the sheepskin interior, spray it directly inside. To treat the insoles, spray them and then wipe away any excess residue. Allow your shoes to dry completely before wearing them again.


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