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SPY Guide: How To Cuff Your Jeans Without Looking Like a Slob

* SPY guide to cuffing jeans like a pro
* How to nail three different cuffs
* Check out the best pair of jeans for each cuff

Cuffing your jeans can go one of two ways: either you expertly channel that laid-back skater style, or you look like a total slob. If you’ve ever experienced the latter (most guys have), we’re here to help. Read on for the SPY guide to cuffing jeans (without looking like a slob).

When cuffing jeans, the main thing to consider is your shoes. The kind of kicks you’re wearing — dress shoes, sneakers, high tops, etc. — will be the deciding factor in how you should cuff your jeans.

The Classic Roll

This is the most versatile, basic cuff. It works with any pair of jeans on most shoes, but we recommend saving it for subdued low top sneakers or dress shoes for the best effect. Assuming your pants are normal length, two cuffs should suffice, but three can look good with high top sneakers or boots.

Try the classic roll cuff with these all black, slim fit jeans from H&M. They’re timeless, just like the double roll cuff, so you can break them out anytime.

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Image courtesy of H&M


The Working Man Cuff

It’s difficult to pull off, but magical when it works. It’s the way working men used to do it, so it looks best with work boots (like Red Wings) or old school high-top sneakers (Converse). For the best effect, we recommend a cuff about 1-1½ inches tall.

If you want to give the working man cuff a shot, you’ll need some special jeans that can handle the style swerve. Try these raw selvedge denim jeans from Rag & Bone. Even if you don’t like the big cuff, you’ll still have an incredible pair of jeans in your wardrobe.

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Image courtesy of East Dane


The Pin Roll

This one gives a tapered look, even if your pants are straight-fit. To accomplish a pin roll, pinch the hem of your jeans, fold over (essentially making the hem narrower around your ankle), and fold to keep it in place. It’s a great trick if you’re rocking slim sneakers or dress shoes.

We like the pin roll on a slightly wider fit pair of jeans, so we recommend these Levi’s 513s in a classic denim-blue color.

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Image courtesy of Levi’s


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