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You Probably Haven’t Been Drying Your Boots The Right Way, But These 6 Things Should Help

The snow, the rain, the sleet – it seems Mother Nature is intent on ruining our commutes and our clothing this winter. You may have a solid pair of winter boots in your arsenal, but unless you’re drying them the right way, they could be hotbeds for bacteria, moisture and that funky “wet socks” smell. To figure out a solution, we turned to the experts at our sister site, Footwear News.

From Footwear News:
Rain, snow and sleet — Mother Nature can throw a lot at you, especially in the winter. And few things are more miserable and uncomfortable than walking around in wet, soggy shoes or boots. Luckily, there are handy devices that can dry your footwear in just a few hours (the days of leaving your gear by the fire or radiator to dry are over). From small travel units that slide inside a shoe to larger machines that can tackle multiple pairs of boots at once, there are many different options to choose from. Whether you’re a skier, hunter, hiker, snowball fight lover, dog walker or city commuter, these dryers will chase the chill and damp from your shoes. Here are six of our favorite dryers.

1. Cabela’s Boot and Wader Dryer

Cabela’s dryer uses convection heat to get your boots dry and toasty by morning — which means no loud fan noise. Wader and hip boot extensions can be purchased separately and attached to the device.

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Cabela’s Boot and Wader Dryer Courtesy of Amazon


2. Peet Multi Boot & Glove Dryer

Talk about multitasking. This dryer, available from L.L. Bean, can accommodate not only boots but gloves, too. Or tackle two pairs of boots at once. The device utilizes gentle thermal convection to dry items naturally — and more importantly, silently.

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Peet Multi Boot & Glove Dryer


3. Dr. Dry Electric Shoe/Boot Dryer and Warmer


, which plugs into any wall outlet, dries a wet pair of shoes (and deodorizes them, too) in just one to two hours. If you’re heading out on a cold day, it will also warm your footwear to help keep your toes toasty longer. A preset function means you don’t have to tinker around to find the right temperature.

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Dr. Dry Shoe Dryer


4. Lenz Space Dryer

Ideal for travel, this dryer easily slides into a variety of footwear — from ski boots to trail sneakers — as well as gloves and hats. It features three programmable dry times and protects against overheating so it doesn’t damage the materials in your shoes.

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Lenz Space Dryer


5. DryGuy TurboDry Dryer

Whether you’re at home or on the go, DryGuy’s travel-friendly device has you covered, thanks to options that allow you to plug it in your house or in your car. Thermal heating vents combined with a powerful fan quickly dry your shoes and boots from heel to toe.

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DryGuy TurboDry Dryer Image courtesy of Nordstrom


6. Field & Stream SimpleDry Boot Dryer

A steal at just $20, this hard-working dryer quickly tackles wet boots (or sneakers or cleats or whatever soggy footwear you may have) so you can get back into your gear. It’s safe for use with footwear made from a wide range of materials including leather, PVC, rubber, canvas, neoprene, felt and fleece.

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Field & Stream SimpleDry Boot Dryer

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