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How to Nail the Perfect At-Home Pedicure

Going to the salon to get our pedicures done is a relaxing treat after a long day, but weekly appointments can sure add up. With a few keys tips and products, you can easily get the same results from an at-home pedicure that you would from salon. Read more from Footwear News and shop essential pedi-products below:

From Footwear News:
Parisian department store Printemps recently opened a three-story beauty emporium complete with a chic nail bar from Gloss’Up.

The salon’s founder, Olivia Keuste rs, has her flagship store in Paris’ Marais district and regularly works with brands such as Dior.

Here are her top tips for a failsafe at-home pedi — plus, how to nail your color like a true Parisian:

1. Buff 

Buff up and push down your cuticles. Remove leftover oil with acetone or the polish won’t stay put.This product comes with electric buff and filing devices, along with a UV light.


2. Hydrate

Hydrate your nails with oil. This cuticle treatment will work well for both mani’s and pedi’s and smells like sweet honey.


3. Use a Base + Top Coat

Always use a base and a topcoat in addition to your color. Ensure you cover the nail rim with all the coats. That’s the secret to the professional salon effect. We love this one by Essie because it combines a base and top coat, with an added nail strengthener.


4. Stick to Classic Shades

The most popular shades for haute Parisians are nude and “le vrai rouge” (a true red). Red and nude hues look sophisticated and will also look appropriate at the office. Plus, these two shades match well with a variety of color palettes.


5. Don’t Match

Don’t match your mani to your pedi; it looks old-fashioned and can be really aging. Clash or color-block instead — just as you would your clothes.

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