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SPY Guide: 5 Ways to Make Heels More Comfortable

* 5 heel-wearing hacks for better comfort
* Relieve common foot problems like bunions and blisters
* A surprising trick for preventing ball-of-foot pain

Despite the fact that doctors warn of their dangers and legions of wearing sky-high heels, women still do it anyway, so it’s obvious that high heels are here to stay. The leg-lengthening, back-side lifting visual effects are hard to argue with, but the trade-off can be blisters, bunions and just plain old sore feet. So to take the edge off the pain with these 5 hacks to make heels a bit more comfortable.

1. Dr. Scholls Moleskin Padding

Think of this as custom-sized, preemptive protection for your feet. Soft, felted material backed by a peel-off adhesive can be cut to any shape or size to fit your foot. Place directly on the skin in any areas that have already seen or will see blister-causing friction.


2. Nexcare Clear Medical Tape

ProTip: Taping your third and fourth toes together apparently allievates strain on a nerve split between these two toes that causes ball-of-foot pain. Try it with clear medical tape for discreet pain relief.

[caption id="attachment_98671" align="aligncenter" width="602"] 3M Medical Tape Image Courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


3. Body Glide Anti-Blister Balm

Roll on a bit of this salve before blisters even start. It’ll create a bit of slip between your skin and the shoe that will cut down on skin breaking rubbing and friction.


4. Zen Toes Toe Separators

If bunions and overlapping toes have become an issue, slip on a soft gel toe separator. It’ll gently realign your big toe for longer standing and walking comfort.


5. Foot Petals Back-of-Heel Cushions

Stick these pads on the heel of your shoes – they’ll grip your heel and prevent blisters, while giving you more stability when you walk. They’ll also correct for fit if your shoes are a little wide in the heel or long in the toe box.

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