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You Don’t Have to Rely on Your S.O. to Help You Zip Up Your Dress Anymore Thanks to This Tool

* Zipping up a dress usually requires additional assistance
* Become independent with this handy, helping device
* Easy to attach and remove from your zippers in seconds

Wherever you may find yourself doing up a dress, whether it be at home, a changing room or at your friend’s house, it is usually a task that requires a second set of hands. Calling on a significant other, a friend or (in the worst case) a staff member to help you can be a frustrating option, especially if your desired aid isn’t available exactly when you need them. What’s worse: you contort your body to try and zip up your dress yourself and end up feeling twisting your back or feeling more sore than before.

To prevent this situation from occurring, the Zipuller was created.

This uniquely-designed zipping aid works on a huge range of zippers. It works by passing the zipper head on the dress through the loop of the Zipuller, which then clamps around it. Attached to the metal clamp and loop is a lanyard that provides additional length for pulling your zipper closed. The smart, clip-on design also means that you can pull on zippers that don’t have loops in their own pulls, which are required by many of the competing zip helpers.

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The small size of the Zipuller means that you can keep it in your purse or pockets for when you’re out at the shops trying on new items. And, the versatile device can also be used for a range of other clothing garments that may have hard to reach zippers, like boots and wetsuits.

The Zipuller is so simple to use that it can easily help kids with their clothes, too. And, you can also choose between three colors for your floral-adorned Zipuller lanyard – red, pink and black.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

The bottom line: you’ll never get stuck with your favorite dress unzipped or walking around the department store looking for an assistant to help you. Simply carry this handy little helper with you wherever you go and zip on to your destination.

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