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Lived-In Review: In Pursuit of the Perfect Suit at Indochino

* Made-to-measure brand offers fitted suits online and in stores
* Customers can choose from dozens of different fabrics, styles and colors
* Use code SPY to get any suit for $359

SPY recently had the opportunity to visit Indochino’s iconic Beverly Hills showroom and review one of their world-famous suits. The made-to-measure brand has garnered a strong online following and we were eager to see the fitting process in person. After all, if you’re getting fitted for a custom suit, doesn’t it just make more sense to get measured in person?

When I entered the shop I was immediately greeted with a warm smile and a cold bottle of water. The latter was especially welcome considering it was pushing 90 degrees outside and I was about to try on an assortment of full-bodied suits. After I signed in at the front desk, I was briefly seated on a leather couch as my tailor hastily gathered all the items he needed.

Spread across the table were various style magazines — including Indochino’s own Monogram publication. I barely had time to read the first page before my tailor, Daniel, came out to greet me. With a calm demeanor and a firm handshake, he ushered me to the fitting room where he began to take various measurements.

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The first thing I noticed how dedicated Daniel was when it came to getting the most accurate measurements possible. “We actually take 14 different measurements, including five separate points in the legs,” Daniel said. I tried to think back on my last fitting, which was probably a good seven or eight years ago. It wasn’t like this.

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After Daniel measured and fitted the pants and torso he moved up to my shoulders. I was surprised to hear my arms were slightly longer than normal. “Everyone learns something new about themselves when they get fitted for a suit,” Daniel said. Keeping that little detail in mind, Daniel quickly hemmed the left side of my shirt sleeve while trying to air the right one out a bit.

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After the fitting, which took around 15 minutes total, Daniel asked if I had a particular suit color or style in mind. Not really sure what I was in the market for, I was blown away by Indochino’s versatility. With a combined total of 40 different customizable suit options (including inner suit color, inner collar color and much, much more), I felt a bit overwhelmed when it came to mixing and matching the different styles. Luckily, Daniel was well versed in the various styles and was happy to give his opinion without trying to push any particular style on me.

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Choosing fabrics for your custom suit at Indochino[/caption]

In the end, I went with a beautiful indigo diagonal stitch suit with a checked red inseam. I also decided on a silver-gray monogram with a burgundy felt with detailed pick stitching. They even give you the option to personally inscribe a note in the inner sleeve. Taken off guard, I decided to go the generic route and had them put my name and the date. Obviously, it wasn’t till I was halfway home before I thought of the perfect phrase to have etched — go figure.

After I finished selecting all my customizable options, Daniel put the order in and handed me my receipt. “Your suit will be ready in three to four weeks,” he said. I was honestly surprised it would take that long, but after learning how every Indochino suit is made to order, it made more sense.

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Lucky for me, it didn’t take nearly that long. Two weeks and some change after I had my fitting, I got an email saying my suit was ready to try on. Unfortunately, while the pants and vest fit fine, the jacket was slightly off. Turns out, my right shoulder is significantly lower than my left, which made the entire suit look a little off. This also apparently makes me an ideal candidate for a bespoke suit.

After adding some padding to the right shoulder (yes, that’s an actual thing they can do), the entire ensemble immediately looked a thousand times better. The suit looked perfect, fit like a glove and I was all but ready to take the entire thing home that day. Unfortunately, due to the shoulder issue, it had to go through another round of alterations. This one didn’t take that long, though; within a week, I got another message saying my suit was ready.

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The finished product: a fresh, modern fitting, blue three-piece suit.[/caption]

The final fitting only took a few minutes, and I was more than happy to see everything fit the way it should. Rachel, the tailor on hand, was happy to see how it turned out. According to her, most customers need at least two or three different alterations, so I counted myself lucky.

All in all, it was a great experience and the light blue indigo fabric, which I was told actually sold out just a few days after my first visit, was a solid choice.

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