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Bring High Fashion to Your iPhone

* Givenchy Night iPhone 7 Case
* Durable polyurethane construction
* Made in Italy

Bring high fashion to your mobile device with this super chic Givency iPhone 7 case. We love any product that catches other peoples’ eyes, and when we spotted this phone case we couldn’t help but find out how to snag one of our own.

The Givenchy Night iPhone 7 case is simple but entirely iconic. The case is adorned with a kaleidoscopic pattern that is inspired by a garden of flowers in the late night hours. The design sports super saturated colors that bloom into the intricate floral design, making an edgy look against the dark background. That famous, coveted, “Givenchy Paris” label is stamped in front in bold white font.

The case is made of polyurethane so it is super stable and protective for even the busiest iPhone 7 owners. While the case is beautiful, it is extremely functional and does its job of protecting your precious device. There is plenty of room for the camera area, so it is easy to clean and does not have to be removed to do so. You also have easy access to all your buttons and keys.

Givenchy is easily identified as one of the world’s most influential brands, looking beyond the most widely sported trends and instead setting new ones. The Paris-based brand is synonymous with edgy elegance, fresh romanticism and streamlined sensuality — elements that all co-exist and come to life in this new case for your phone.


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