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Check Out Rebecca Minkoff’s Fashion-Friendly iPhone 7 Wristlet

* A Rebecca Minkoff wristlet with dedicated phone case
* Smart design allows you to take calls and photos while still encased
* Elegant look with tech-savvy design

Modern technology makes our lives much easier in so many ways, but let’s face it, sometimes it’s a pain to carry around. That’s certainly the case if you wish to carry your iPhone 7 along with a bit of money, but don’t want to haul around a large purse. Leave it to Rebecca Minkoff to solve the problem with a stylish solution. The designer has introduced a fashionable wristlet case for the iPhone 7 that doubles as a small wallet or clutch.

Rebecca Minkoff is an industry leader in accessible, contemporary fashion items, known for her “downtown-romantic” aesthetic and wearable wardrobe staples. Minkoff’s specialty though, is undoubtedly her luxury handbags and playful accessories. This functional wristlet exemplifies the designer’s New York sensibility. As with all of her designs, lifestyle and functionality are always top considerations when it comes to design. The whipstich wristlet will allow you to leave behind your pesky handbag for a night out, formal events, or a day of running errands while still boasting enough room for your phone, cards and ID.

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The wristlet’s built-in case offers protection for your smartphone with ample padding surrounding the magnetic closure, to ensure that an accidental drop won’t cause any harm. The best part is that you never need to take your phone out of the wallet to use, whether you’re sending a text or browsing your Instagram feed. The smart design also allows you to take calls and take photos while still in the case.

The wristlet is complete with three card slots and a larger opening for folded bills. It’s secured by a strong magnetic clasp, so you can rest assured that it won’t open while you’re carrying it by the attached wrist strap during a night out.

This elegantly designed wristlet is the answer to the ubiquitous purse dilemma. You’ll never have to forgo your essentials or ask your friends to tote along your belongings for you again.

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