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A Handmade Shoehorn Built to Stand The Test of Time

* Made from tonal-beige zebu horn for durability
* Grooved handle makes it easier to wield
* Handmade in Milan

Never underestimate the art of a finely handcrafted…well, anything. With the hipsterization of just about anything and everything “artisanal,” we understand if you just rolled your eyes. But we’re not talking about hipster art communes in Brooklyn here. We’re talking about Cedes Milano and its zebu shoehorn.

A shoehorn might seem like a trivial thing to buy or even consider purchasing, but why continue bending over or awkwardly crouching to put your shoes on? Even more annoyingly, why risk stretching them out in the process? The “technology” is dated, sure, but it’s one of few tools that still exists and is worth using today.

This shoehorn is handmade from zebu, a type of cattle that originated in South Asia. You’ve likely seen this humped cattle and its large limp ears before, if you’ve ever spent any time in Asia.

A small company based out of Milan, Cedes makes use of these horns because of their durability and beautiful grain, as evidenced by this elegant shoehorn. At just over 11 inches, it’s long enough that you don’t have to crouch down to get your shoes on. The grooved handle also ensures better grip and usability.

Cedes prides itself on expertly crafting unique, handmade products using exotic materials and centuries-old production processes. The focus is on the intrinsic value of the raw materials and the masterful work of its artists. Consider the effort and time it takes to make something natural, like an animal horn, and bend and sculpt it into something that’s useful and not just ornamental. Then maybe, like us, you’ll see why this particular shoehorn is worth a click.

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