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Snag This Floral Mesh Bomber From Beyonce’s Fashion Line

* Bomber jacket from Beyonce’s athleisure line, Ivy Park
* Unlined floral-printed mesh construction
* Ribbed collar, cuffs and hem

The bomber trend is here to stay and we’re swooning over all the unique touches designers are adding to the classic tough-but-chic silhouette. Implementing a signature take on the trend keeps the look interesting and adds that personalized look we love. Countless versions of the bomber jacket are now available, both in-stores and online, and we’ve been on the lookout for a show-stopping take on this widely embraced style staple.

Beyonce has taken on the bomber trend in her buzzed-about athleisure line, Ivy Park. Commercials, ads and Instagram photos of each collection keep us wanting more, especially when we can’t seem to snag a garment before selling out (which is, not surprisingly, usually within a few hours). When we saw this season’s Floral Mesh Bomber, best believe we were on standby.

While we’re sure we had you at “Beyonce,” we just had to put the spotlight on this particular jacket because of its ability to instantly revamp and uplift any athletic wardrobe. The Floral Mesh Bomber rocks an oversize fit that creates a chic contrast to the flirty floral print. Chunky mesh keeps that athletic vibe, pairing with a ribbed knit trim at the hem, cuffs and stand collar for a polished edge. Dropped shoulders at the long sleeves are the perfect amount of slouch for supreme comfort and style. Zip-up front and slant pockets at the hips seal this sweet deal, with an oversized Ivy Park zipper pull adding an iconic touch.

The beauty in this bomber jacket is not only in its visible quality but also in its versatile styling potential. Whether you’re covering up on the way to a workout session or meeting friends for coffee afterwards, this bomber styles in a snap and looks effortlessly cool without hassle.

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