Consider These 12 Picks from J. Crew For Holiday Gift Giving

J. Crew Gift Guide
J. Crew

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With Halloween officially in the rearview, it’s now the holiday season. While we’re sure you’ve seen plenty of gift guides, sometimes it’s better to narrow those selections down to a specific store, especially if the person you’re shopping for is an avid fan of the brand. And few brands inspire more loyalty than J. Crew.

J. Crew is in a bit of a transitional period right now, which is why we think it’s a great time to spotlight them. You may not have considered shopping at J. Crew in a while, but we’re here to tell you there are a lot of hidden gems to be found at the mall stalwart.

Across these 12 selects in our J. Crew gift guide, you’ll find something to fit every man on your holiday list this season. Our picks, below.


1. J. Crew Nordic Fair Isle Sherpa-Fleece

Every now and again, you come across a piece that’s a real showstopper, something that does truly make you stop in your tracks and say, “Yeah, I’ve gotta get that.” This feeling is how I felt about this half-zip pullover sherpa-fleece jacket. Decked out in an incredibly striking Fair Isle pattern (a pretty timeless design and always in style), the pullover also includes a kangaroo-style pocket towards the hem and a chest pocket for essentials storage. Far and away, this is one of the best offerings our J. Crew gift guide has right now — and we can’t recommend it enough.

J. Crew Nordic Fair Isle Sherpa-Fleece J. Crew


2. J. Crew Wallace & Barnes Suede Camp Shoes

Wallace & Barnes is J. Crew’s in-house line of “modern, rugged essentials” that draw inspiration from traditional, rugged workwear. These camp shoes are an elegant, elevated version of a boat shoe, but one you could wear with a suit and not look out of place due to their suede construction. Plus, their soles are crafted with a Vibram sole to provide both comfort and extra durability.

J. Crew Wallace & Barnes Suede Camp Shoes J. Crew


3. J. Crew Cashmere Beanie

As winter rolls on, the cold winds will eventually call for a beanie or other winter-appropriate hat. Someone may have a beanie already, but it’s unlikely they have a cashmere beanie. The soft, almost silk-like feel of cashmere is so luxurious you may find it hard to take the cap off your head. Plus, the price on it is just right, considering how warm it is. Oh, and they come in a few different colors to suit whatever your giftee’s personality may be.

J. Crew Cashmere Beanie J. Crew


4. J. Crew Piazza Sunglasses

These striking, angular frames are great for anyone who loves to make a bold statement with their eyewear or for someone who just needs a good pair of shades. The tortoiseshell pattern pairs well with just about every single outfit imaginable, and they’re currently on a great discount, which makes them even more of a no-brainer purchase for gift-giving.

J. Crew Piazza Sunglasses J. Crew


5. J. Crew Bird’s-Eye Knit Polo

Knit polos are not only a great way to channel your inner Tony Soprano but also are a great way to refresh your traditional pullover polos. This one is done in a cool, mod-esque colorway that features some great trimming around the center of the polo and on the ribbed arms as well. But if navy isn’t your thing, there’s an equally great brown version, too.

J. Crew Bird's-Eye Knit Polo J. Crew


6. J. Crew x Marathon Watch Company Pilot’s Navigator Watch

We’ve sung the praises of the excellent collaboration between J. Crew and Marathon already, but it’s well worth mentioning again for holiday gift-giving. The watch was initially developed for pilots and parachuters in the late 1980s. The Marathon Watch Company developed the Navigator watch with clarity and function in mind so those aviators could tackle their day-to-day with ease. Now, it’s a decidedly striking timepiece that will look excellent no matter what you wear alongside it.

J. Crew x Marathon Watch Company Pilot's Navigator Watch J. Crew


7. J. Crew Sherpa-Fleece Shirt Jacket

The Shirt Jacket, or Shacket if you’re feeling brave, is an underrated piece of clothing in your wardrobe that’s great for winter layering. Think of it as a tougher (i.e., warmer) version of flannel and pair it over your sweaters, hoodies, or even a flannels for extra warmth. The natural color goes well with just about everything and can be paired with a set of chinos for a cool tonal look.

J. Crew Sherpa-Fleece Shirt Jacket J. Crew


8. J. Crew Recycled Microfleece Pant

Everyone needs some good fleece sweatpants in the winter, as they’re perfect for wearing around the house or to the corner store for a quick cup of coffee on a lazy weekend. The jogger-style pant goes well with just about everything and lets you show off your best sneakers if you’re so inclined, making for a great option to wear all winter long.

J. Crew Recycled Microfleece Pant J. Crew


9. J. Crew Pajama Shirt

Here’s the sneaky thing about pj shirts: they’re not just for the bedroom. If you style the shirt the right way (i.e., under a sport coat or with a suit), they actually end up looking extremely cool thanks to the white-tipped collar and the spread opening. Plus, you can roll right into bed wearing it with no issue. It’s a super versatile Christmas gift for him that has way more utility to it than it may first seem.

J. Crew Pajama Shirt J. Crew


10. J. Crew Broken-In T-Shirt

We just recently named J. Crew’s broken-in t-shirt as one of the best tees around, so naturally, it’ll have a place on this list, too. That worn-in, lived-in feel is second to none, and J. Crew’s take on a well-worn tee is nothing short of magical. When you wear it for the first time, it will feel as if you’ve had it for decades and will fit perfectly, too.

J. Crew Broken-In T-Shirt J. Crew


11. J. Crew x Studebaker Metals Sterling Silver Keyholder

We all know that one person who can’t seem to keep ahold of their keys. Help them keep better track with this Studebaker Metals keyholder, crafted out of sterling silver to ensure long-lasting durability and a sharp, attractive-looking appearance. Plus, it easily clips onto a belt loop to keep it handy and secure even through the hustle and bustle.

J. Crew x Studebaker Metals Sterling Silver Keyholder J. Crew


12. J. Crew Waxed Canvas and Corduroy Baseball Cap

If your giftee needs a good winter ballcap, you should absolutely consider this waxed canvas and cord baseball cap. The waxed canvas on top not only helps with heat retention but offers a solid bit of water resistance to boot. The corduroy trim on the brim polishes off the whole package in a decidedly stylish package that can be just at home with a suit as it is with a sweatshirt.

J. Crew Waxed Canvas and Corduroy Baseball Cap J. Crew


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