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I Did the Math and Figured Out How to Hack J. Crew’s Best Sale of the Year to Get Free Stuff

It seems like J.Crew has some type of sale set up every few days, though, let’s face it — most of our favorite retailers do the same thing. But several times a year, including right now, they hold a really, really good sale. And right now, the retailer is hosting its best sale of 2022.

What makes this J.Crew sale different? Well, I learned how to hack it to, essentially, get some extra stuff for free and pay even less than anticipated thanks to a technicality.

“Bull$#!t,” you might say. It sounds silly; to hack a sale? But the last time I shopped this sale, I had my eye on a sick blazer that used to retail for around $200. I ended up paying, get ready for this, $45 and change for that same blazer, plus more stuff, because of the specific details of this sale. 

There’s some mental math involved, and it also helps to understand the mechanics of the sale, so let’s dive into that.

J. Crew Sale Details

If you’re feeling the burnout that sometimes follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I get it. But this is, hands down, the best J.Crew sale of the year for the simple reason that you can spend less money and grabbing a couple of extra freebies with hack.

From Dec. 8 through Dec. 11 at 11:59 p.m., J. Crew is holding their “SHOPSALE” event, offering a discount code of the same name. During this event, customers can get 50% off one item, 60% off two items, and 70% off three or more items. 

You’ll see eligible items marked in red with language denoting their participation in the sale. Pay attention to that, because some items are only marked down temporarily and aren’t eligible. Beyond that, the only real downside here is that the purchase we’re about to make is final sale, meaning it can’t be returned or exchanged. So if you’re unsure of the fit, see if a local J. Crew retail location is stocking what you want so you can try it on. Despite that, it might still be worth pulling the trigger online — just size up and have it tailored.

With that, it’s time to treat yo-self. Here’s how to pull off the heist of the century and look stylish in the process.

Courtesy of J. Crew
Step 1: a Target item

$358.99 $448 20% off

Buy Now

You need to start with a target item, something good, like this sick wool Ludlow Top Coat. This thing is perfect for both protecting you through the brutality of winter and also making you look super cool in a handsome navy and grey plaid. Honestly, I might grab this now that I’m writing about it. 

If you only bought this, the total with the 50% off discount for one item would come to $179.49. That’s incredible, for an item once retailing for $448, but we can do better. Let’s add another item. 

Courtesy of J. Crew
step 2: dress socks

$12.99 $14.50 10% off

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You need socks. No, trust me — you NEED socks. Why? Well, by adding this $13 sale item, you’ve now unlocked the 60% discount off two items in your shopping cart. Also, you now have a pair of festive socks for the upcoming holidays. 

So, doing the math, that means instead of paying $179.49 for your sick jacket, you’re now going to pay $148.80. By adding a $12.99 sale item to your cart, you just bought yourself back over $30. But we can do better. 

Courtesy of J. Crew
Step 3: Boot Socks

$16.99 $19.50 13% off

Buy Now

To get the 70% off, you need to add three items. And to save the most money, adding another pair of socks is a no-brainer because they’re typically very inexpensive. Now that you’re the proud owner of some Christmas dress socks, let’s get you a thicker pair to wear with your favorite boots. These lightweight camp socks are the perfect addition, on sale for $16.99, and eligible for this discount. 

Let’s do the math. By adding a third item for $16.99, you’ve brought your grand total down to $116.70. 

Holy smokes, what a deal. To recap, the jacket we wanted originally retailed for $448. It went on sale for $358 and, as a part of this sale, we could have had it for $179.49. But because we added two extra items, together on sale for $29.98, the total amount, the amount you’ll end up paying, was brought down to $116.70. That means by adding $30, we saved an extra $62 and change. 

It makes absolutely no sense, but that’s why this is the best J. Crew sale event that you absolutely have to shop. Start with a target, high-ticket item, and add two inexpensive items to get your 70% off deal. If you don’t need socks, they make an awesome gift. Otherwise, check out some of their sale underpants, t-shirts, or swim trunks. 

We did the math — here’s how the J.Crew sale works out. Anthony Mastracci | SPY