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A Better Boat Shoe From Jack Erwin

* Handcrafted shoes made in Portugal
* Bologna constructed (leather wraps all the way around)
* Available in Navy, Caramel and Slate

Gents, sartorially speaking, we’ve entered the time of year fondly known as…boat shoe season. How do we know it’s boat shoe season? Well, Memorial Day has come and gone and rosé is pouring freely. And if you’ve never owned a single pair of these non-marking rubber soled shoes, but have been curious about them for some time, we’re here to help. Jack Erwin’s Wright Collection Cooper Boat Shoe is a great starting point.

But first, a quick history lesson. In 1935, Paul A. Sperry of Connecticut noticed that his dog was able to run over ice with ease. It was then that Sperry took a knife to his own shoes and carved siping into the soles for improved traction on wet surfaces — especially on slippery boat decks. And thus the boat shoe was born.

Which brings us back to Jack Erwin’s Cooper boat shoe. Compared to others available today, Jack Erwin has taken more than just a luxe approach to the longtime summer staple. While they’re handcrafted in Portugal, what makes the Cooper special is that they’re Bologna-constructed. What that means is that the leather upper wraps all the way around into a tube-like form before it’s sewn to the sole. This results in a shoe that’s not only extremely comfortable but also pretty slim, more durable and flexible.

For added comfort: the shoe is fully leather lined with Arneflex micro-foam, adding cushioning to every step — whether on an actual boat, or to the office.

We love Jack Erwin for their steadfast commitment to quality materials, craftsmanship and a re-thinking of classic styles. Started in 2013 by two friends, the company offers easy-to-wear shoes that are just unique enough from your generic, everyday staples.

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