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Celebrate Jackie O’s Iconic Style With This Anniversary Collection

* Before Melania and Michelle, Jackie O was a style icon as First Lady
* Known for her graceful and elegant dresses
* Jackie O’s style has inspired a signature silhouette from Black Halo

In her eight years as First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama led such campaigns as “Let’s Move” to combat childhood obesity and served as an advocate for an array of progressive issues. She was also a style influencer, thrice gracing the cover of Vogue, and listed by Vanity Fair as one of the “World’s Best Dressed People.” While Mrs. Obama may be the most graceful and dignified First Lady in recent memory, she wasn’t the first to have such a powerful public image.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, or “Jackie O,” was the original First Lady of the modern era. She transformed the role of First Lady into what it is today, with her initiatives to preserve White House history, transform the presidential residence into a proper family home, and build strong relations with the press.

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JFK And Jackie, Hyannis Port, USA

She was also the original First Lady to impact the fashion world, hiring designer Oleg Cassini. As her exclusive courtier, Cassini created her iconic look. She even dubbed him her “Secretary of Style.”

Adored for her dedication to restoring the White House, dedication to family life, and status as a style icon, Kennedy Onassis’ grace and style continue to inspire countless women today. One of them is Laurel Berman, the founder and creative director of womenswear label, Black Halo. Ten years ago, Berman launched her “Jackie O” dress, and the piece has not only transformed her company, but also become her signature silhouette.

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Black Halo’s first “Jackie O” dress, the brand has released an anniversary capsule collection in celebration of the iconic silhouette. The collection of dresses and jumpsuits is defined by “flawless construction, impeccable tailoring and an aesthetic that both references and reinvents classic glamour and sex appeal,” says Berman. It features all the hallmarks of Jackie O’s style: elegant, confident and classy.

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The classic Jackie O collar invokes class, while the subtle stretch of bonded mesh accentuates your curves and shapes your figure, making this sheath midi a must-have.[/caption]


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For a daintier take on a knee-length number, consider this option. White lace suggests Victorian purity, while sequin detailing keeps all eyes on you. This dress is a chic alternative to the traditional bridal gown.[/caption]

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Long lines slim your figure in this floor-sweeping silhouette. Covered in sequins, this gown delivers the austere glamour you need for semi-formal and formal events.[/caption]

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Floral medallions offer a fresh, fun alternative to dresses in the form of a wide leg jumpsuit. Some may consider it bold, but opting for a jumper over a gown is a sure way to stay among the best dressed.[/caption]

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