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Jambys Has Invented the Perfect Lazy Sunday Boxers, and I’m Obsessed

I know I can sometimes say things I don’t mean, but this time I mean it. I would die for my Jambys.

Over the course of the past year, I’ve been prioritizing comfort over everything else when it comes to fashion. Comfortable jeans, good-looking joggers, hoodies for days — all have become a solidified must in regards to what I’m wearing in 2021.

Sure, I’ll pull a look or two every now and again to prove to everybody that I am still hot, but if I’m lounging at home, the pants are off as soon as I enter my apartment.

Which, sadly, isn’t always the most sightly for my roommates.

Because proudly wearing underwear around the house is almost every guy’s at-home dream, I began searching for an alternative I can throw on that felt almost as if I was wearing nothing. First, my heart belonged solely to SAXX’s Snooze Sleep Pants. I do still love them dearly, but as summer rolled around and the AC unit in my window stopped working, I needed a warm weather-ready solution.

Which is when I stumbled upon Jambys.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Jambys

Jambys, to keep it brief (hah), are boxers with pockets. They’re perfect for wearing both with undies and commando for a cozy in-house underwear option family and roommates won’t wince in fear over.

Boxers with pockets might sound crazy, but hear us out: that’s exactly what makes them so acceptable. The added pockets make these boxers camouflage way too well in your shorts drawer, meaning you can wear these when mingling with housemates, running to get the mail and answering the door for delivery.

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Courtesy of Jambys

Not only are Jambys carefree and acceptable to wear in circumstances you wouldn’t think, but holy hell, this is by far the most comfortable underwear — screw that, they’re the most comfortable piece of clothing I have ever placed on my body. Nothing compares. I want to live in these for the rest of my life.

Plus, look how cute they look on me.

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Courtesy of Jambys

Each pair of Jambys are made with a cozy, breathable French Terry made with 95% modal and 5% spandex for that added stretch everyone loved in a pair of undies. They are, hands-down, the softest thing I have ever worn — yet they feel in no way overwhelmingly hot. They’re the underwear you never knew you could own. The pair you never thought would even exist. For a lack of better words, they are everything and more.

I want a dresser full of Jambys and I’m not afraid to let everyone know it. They will make for some of the best stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts under the tree this season, too. Given their unisex design and a color range out the wazoo, everyone on your list will love them. I’m sure of it.

You need to give Jambys a shot for yourself. It’s inhumane if you don’t. There’s comfort and then there is comfort in Jambys. It’s a level of comfort you need to experience, so check them out now.