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Review: The Jambys Cozy Cloak Is the Reason I Want to Work From Home Forever

The beginning of the pandemic was actually kind of cute in hindsight. Not because of, you know, all of the death and depression running rampant across the globe, but more for the sheer fact that I actually cared about what I wore to work. Everything was (and still is, for the most part) done from the comfort of my own bedroom, yet I’d spend those first months of 2020 planning a full, head-to-toe outfit the night before Zoom calls where I’m only seen from the shoulders up. It was adorable.

Now that we’re two years in, I’m wearing my sweats and joggers proudly. I find any and every reason to work from home in the most comfortable fashion I can. Because why not? Nobody’s going to know. I work for a brand that is quite literally called SPY. I can be as sneaky as I want. Plus, I literally get paid to review comfy clothes like hoodies and robes.

On my quest to become the most comfortable person on Earth, I recently stumbled upon something that I’ve found to be the epitome of at-home comfort. And believe me, it’s sneakier than sneaky. Meet the Jambys’ Cozy Cloak, the hoodie-blanket-robe-cloak hybrid that keeps selling out.

At a Glance

  • Comfort level: 10/10
  • Ridiculousness level: 11/10
  • Warmth level: appropriately toasty
  • Usefulness level: at home only, please
  • Fabric: 95% modal, 5% spandex

What Is the Jambys Cozy Cloak?

Behold, the Cozy Cloak:

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Tyler working from home in Jambys’ Cozy Cloak Tyler Schoeber | SPY

Jambys’ Cozy Cloak is essentially your new BFF. It combines your best hoodie with your coziest blanket for total body coverage that keeps you warm as you sit around the house. It’s ideal for working away in front of the computer, binging your favorite series on Netflix or cozying on up with a book in bed. No matter what you’re doing at home, Jamby’s Cozy Cloak will have your back. And your front. And, well, every other body part for that matter.

Jambys is known for its line of insanely comfortable pocketed boxer shorts, which are appropriate for wearing around other people. The material used is buttery soft, exceptionally lightweight, overwhelmingly stretchy and as breathable as it gets. Like the boxers with pockets, the Cozy Cloak is made with Jambys’ signature fabric. It’s made with 95% modal and 5% spandex for that added stretch. The two are knitted into a delicious French Terry material that’ll truly make you swoon.



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Tyler Schoeber | SPY

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When it comes to construction, Jambys doesn’t skimp out on features. First and foremost, this is quite literally a blanket/hoodie crossover. It doesn’t get better than that. But, if that isn’t enough for you (which, tbh, it shouldn’t be, the Snuggie from 2010 was trash), the Cozy Cloak has a slew of crazy additives that will turn your experience from cozy to cozier.

The Cozy Cloak comes with a casual drawstring hood you can use to cocoon yourself on the couch. Keep it loose when you’re feelin’ free or tuck yourself inside when you want to hide. On the tummy, you’ll find a kangaroo pouch for keeping your Amazon Firestick or an emergency Totino’s Pizza Roll for those just-in-case scenarios. Or, if you’re feeling extra chilly, stick your paws inside to keep warm.

On the back of the Cozy Cloak, you’ll find a number of snap buttons to keep you snug. Because nobody likes a bare back exposed to the chiller elements of your home’s interior. I will say that part of the back does remain a little bit exposed, but that didn’t ruin my experience.

Worried about those tootsies? Don’t be. The Cozy Cloak has a foot pocket at the very bottom where you can hide those feet. There are even snap buttons to securely lock them in if you so please.

When relaxation time is over, you can even pack the Cozy Cloak into itself to create a tiny pillow for easier storage.


The Verdict: Once You Have It, You’ll Never Want to Take It Off

Jambys’ Cozy Cloak is dangerous. The second you put it on, you won’t want to take it off. That’s fun and all, but I have priorities I need to maintain. Friends. Errands. Dates. Gym sessions. I can’t wear my Cozy Cloak all of the time, but I want to. It’s a true shame.

Think of the Cozy Cloak an evolved Snuggie for the TikTok generation. The wearable blanket trend has been going strong for years now, and the Cozy Cloak is the best yet.

So Should You Buy It?

Coming in at almost $100, I’m going to be frank and tell you all that it’s worth the money. Sure, it’s absolutely ridiculous in nature, but it feels like a modern must-have. Alternatively, it could be a great gift idea for people like me who believe it’s impossible to be too comfortable.


  • Covers you head to toe
  • Lightweight, stretchy material that feels great on the skin
  • Exceptionally warm without being too warm
  • Hidden features all over the place


  • Semi-exposed back even with snap buttons closed
  • You can buy luxury bath robes with a similar price tag

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Courtesy of Jambys


What Are Some of the Alternatives?

As I touched upon, the world of wearable blankets (or, blankets with sleeves) is nothing we haven’t seen before. While there is nothing exactly like the Jambys Cozy Cloak available for purchase. Though, there are alternatives featuring different materials, sizes and more available for purchase online. Check out some of the best below.

The Comfy

If you’re looking for something a little smaller and a lot warmer, check out The Comfy. This oversized hoodie/blanket combo is a one-size-fits-all originally seen on Shark Tank. It’s built with microfiber and sherpa to provide extreme warmth for all-day couch lounging. The Comfy hits most folks a little bit above the knees and has a kangaroo pocket for storage.

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Courtesy of Amazon



Don’t act like you don’t know the Snuggie. This is essentially the wearable blanket that started it all. You were practically begging the woman on the infomercial hotline to send you one ASAP. Although these blankets are lacking in the quality community, they’re still a stellar gift to give yourself (or anyone else) when staying warm at home. Each Snuggie is well-priced and you can even BOGO 50% off right now!

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Courtesy of Snuggie


Jambys Double Cozy Cloak

If you ever want to snuggle up with a special someone inside of your Jambys Cozy Cloak, don’t fret. You absolutely can. The Double Cozy Cloak from Jambys has everything you might possibly need to squeeze another body inside for optimal warmth and cuddle sessions. It’s essentially the Cozy Cloak, just bigger. Get inside and bring a buddy!

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Courtesy of Jambys