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Jean Shorts: This Summer’s Must Haves for Men

* Jorts (jean shorts) are coming back into style this summer
* There are many different options in color and length
* Jump on this trend and get some more denim in your life without overheating

Whether you want to call them “jorts” or jean shorts, you’ll want to make sure you have a pair of these denim cut-offs in your closet for this summer because they’re more in style than ever now. There are many different cuts, lengths and colors to choose from, so picking the right pair won’t be easy. Take our advice and get the right pair for any occasion this summer.

Comeback Season

Jeans shorts go way back. Men first started cutting their jeans at the knee way back in the 50’s and 60’s and then they only progressed to get shorter and shorter until the Daisy Duke days or the early 80’s. At that point, jean shorts for men faded out of style. However, over the last couple years we’ve seen this trend making a revival. In the early 2010’s we began seeing designers like Saint Laurent use jean shorts on women in fashion shows and by 2016 others designers like Alexander Wang followed suit. Even though it was women who made jean shorts relevant again, the late 2010’s have seen men sporting this throwback style once again. Thanks ladies. This summer will be the perfect time to invest in a pair of denim shorts to stay cool in.


Many Options

You’ll have a hard time finding the perfect pair of jeans shorts for you because there are so many options. The classic blue and black are great staples to have as they will go with almost any color shirt. Jorts are also made in white, grey and a darker blue. With these colors you’ll want to choose your shirts and shoes wisely, focusing on contrasting colors for each. Once you’ve decided on a few colors, narrow you options by figuring out what you want the legs to look like. My personal favorites are the ones with the frayed edges on the bottom, but they’re also made with a typical stitching as well as a rolled and stitched version. It’s totally up to you how skinny or loose you’d like to wear them or if you want to get a pair with more frays and holes on the leg, but please heed our advice on the length. Pick out a few pairs from Nordstroms today.

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Length Matters

It really does with jean shorts. Since the dawn of jean shorts way back in the 50’s they’ve always been worn, by women and men,  above the knee. Please do not try to wear jean shorts that go past your knees. They’re not basketball shorts. It’s okay to get your knees a little sunshine this summer. Typically they should be worn 2 to 4 inches above your knee. Any higher than that as a guy and you’re flirting with a style inspired Daisy Duke herself. Keep the length of your jorts right in that happy window above the knee this summer.