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The Best Jewelry For People Who Have a Jewelry Allergy

* Jewelry allergies can leave your skin feeling itchy and sore
* Most allergies are caused by nickel
* These are stylish alternatives to wearing allergy-inducing jewelry

If you find that every time you wear a necklace or earrings, your skin begins to feel itchy and noticeably red, it’s likely you have a jewelry allergy. Although there are many possibilities, the most common cause of this reaction is nickel, a metal often used in the alloys found in jewelry.

If you are one of the many people who suffer from a jewelry allergy, there’s no need to worry. More often than not, the reaction can be easily avoided by using a number of prevention products or by wearing nickel-free jewelry. Take a look through this list to find the best solution for you.

Use This Kit to Test Your Jewelry

A great way to better understanding your skin reactions is to test your jewelry. Whether you have old jewelry or are looking to buy new, this at-home testing kit helps you find out exactly what each piece is made of. It’s ideal for checking exactly what metals are in your current collection and discover if any new pieces are going to be a problem.

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Or Use This If You Really Want to Wear a Certain Piece of Jewelry

Some pieces of jewelry are just too important or too beautiful not to be worn. The EuroTool Jewelry Shield is a paint-on resin that can be applied to your jewelry to create a barrier between it and your skin. Simply apply one coat to the metal that normally contacts your skin and let it dry. Subsequently, you’ll be able to wear the jewelry without having an allergic reaction. And it won’t damage your jewelry or your skin.


Here Are Some Allergy-Safe Alternatives

The simple answer to a nickel allergy is to not wear nickel-containing jewelry. Here are some stylish alternatives that won’t upset your skin.


1. TIGRADE Unisex Titanium Wedding Band

This simple yet classy wedding band is made entirely from titanium. It comes in a range of sizes and the design works well for both men and women. The high-quality metal also keeps its shine better than many cheaper, nickel-containing products.


2. BORUO Sterling Silver Interlocked Ring

Featuring a 3-ring, interlocking design, this Boruo ring offers noticeable style without the worry of unhappy skin. Each of the free-moving rings is made from sterling silver, a nickel-free metal that mixes only silver and copper. Ideal for everyday wear, this ring could also be reserved for dinner dates or nights out.


3. GirlPROPS 60mm Hoops

You can enjoy hoops again with these GirlProps earrings. Ears are some of the most sensitive areas when it comes to nickel allergies. However, these hoops are 100% nickel-free, using rhodium plated brass instead. So, your ears will feel great even after wearing them all night. Plus, the stylish earrings also come in a choice of gold or silver.


4. Enso Stackable Silicone Rings

Available in 10 colors and produced from medical-grade silicone, Enso Stackable rings are a fun way to mix up your daily look. Whether you fancy the black and white combination, as worn by Olivia Culpo at Coachella, or something a little more colorful, you can easily decide what works for you when you wake up. Everyone agrees that these playful rings can be worn to the office, around town or even on a fancy night out. (Ed note: we tested these rings out at the office and from a distance, no one could tell that they were silicone rings – they looked just like real metal. Plus, the super flexible design is more comfortable to wear and less intrusive than most pieces of jewelry).


5. SOMEN TUNGSTEN Black Ceramic Rings

Are you’re searching for an alternative anniversary gift for a partner with a jewelry allergy? Consider the Somen Tungsten Ceramic ring. The non-metallic bands are seeing a rise in popularity due to their unique appearance, their true-black color and their ability to resist scratches. They come in 3 different thicknesses, so you can choose the style that suits you best.


6. JewelrieShop Stainless Steel Cubic Zirconia Studs

One of the biggest frustrations of a jewelry allergy is not being able find simple earrings. That’s why the JewelrieShop range of stainless steel studs are downright awesome. Each set comes with a variety of stud sizes and also comes with a wide range of styles for every occasion.

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