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We Discovered the World’s Best White T-Shirt Only Costs $7 — Do You Already Own It?

We’ve been testing various t-shirts for well over a year at this point. While we did name the world’s best t-shirt the Fresh Clean Threads Crew Neck, the answer changes a little bit when talking about the best white t-shirt. Enter the classic Jockey White T-Shirt — our favorite right now.

Sure, Fresh Clean Threads makes an excellent white t-shirt — it’s essentially perfect. But, Jockey is (still) making an excellent, high-quality white t-shirt at a much more affordable price that’s arguably fresher and cleaner.

Courtesy of Amazon

If you’re shocked, that’s okay — we were too.

But in a way, this should come as no surprise. For example, if you’ve ever worn a pair of the best underwear (and we hope you have), you’ve worn Jockey. It’s just a fact. While Jockey never fully impressed us back in the day, the brand has stepped up its game tremendously. We’re not sure what exactly changed, but the quality of the brand’s garments is nothing to overlook.

Tyler Schoeber | SPY

That said, after testing as many white t-shirts as we did, we were blown away to discover what we had been missing out on from a brand we often regarded as “only being for dads.”

Jockey’s white tees come in several variety packs in both crew and v-neck styles. They’re durable in a way you would expect from a pricier brand, such as Fresh Clean Threads, Cuts Clothing, or True Classics without the hefty price at which these brands typically sell tees. In addition, Jockey white t-shirts wash super well. In our experience, these tees do not shrink or warp in any way post-laundering.

SPY Editor, Tyler Schoeber, wearing a Jockey t-shirt. Tyler Schoeber | SPY

Prior to testing these shirts, we expected them to be stellar undershirts, but that’s it. However, that’s not the case at all. You can wear these tees as undershirts just as much as you can as the main layer. Throw it on with a necklace, your favorite jacket, and a pair of jeans and you can head out on the town with no problem.

Trust us when we say Jockey is set out to impress you. That, we’re sure of. Try Jockey’s classic crewnecks for yourself and be just as blown away as we are.

Courtesy of Amazon