Every Guy Needs a Pair of Jorts in Their Closet in Time for Summer 2021

best men's jorts
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters and Levi's

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Jorts. Jean shorts. The classic, casual summer staple your dad rocked all day every day when he was a teenager. Though they might seem a tad dated, jorts are back in town just in time for summer.

Yeah, jorts might have lost their traction in years past, but trust us: there is no better summer look than matching a pair of jorts with quite literally anything. Converse high-tops and a band tee? Hell yeah. Open flannel shirt with a pair of flip-flops? Get it, my guy. Baseball hat, tank and bare feet? Go for it. Jorts have the ability to tie together an outfit the exact same way your most comfortable jeans do in the colder months, making them some of the best men’s shorts you can wear. Period.

You know what they say — men’s jeans go with everything. So, jorts go with everything, too.

I’ve been saying it to everyone in the past couple of months, but I’m going to let you guys on a little secret: summer 2021 is the summer that everyone is going to be experimenting with their style. After such a long time in quarantine, people from all walks of life are dying to throw a look together even if they aren’t 100% sure they’ll be able to pull it off. Let’s get one thing straight here: any kind of dude can pull a pair of jorts off. Any. I don’t care what your personal style is. If you incorporate jorts, it’s going to work.

The only fashion no when it comes to jorts? Never EVER purchase a pair of jorts that hit below the knee. The only pairs of jorts to consider should either hit at your knee or right above it. Anything under will look ridiculous. Trust me.

I have been rocking jorts since high school, so you can call me a modern jorts horseman. A jorts connoisseur. A jorts professional, if you well. King of jorts even works. I might not know a lot, but I know my jorts.

Check out all of the best jorts to pick up before summer starts and feel free to thank me later.


1. Only & Sons Denim Shorts


When looking for the best pair of jorts to purchase online, I normally suggest heading over to ASOS. They are overflowing with jorts options, ranging not only in hues of blue, but also blacks, whites and even colors like pink. These jorts from Only & Sons are available on ASOS for just under $40 in a light wash denim. They hit above the knee and have an effortlessly cool roll-up aesthetic that’s really in right now. Pair these with honestly any shirt you’ve got this summer to create an array of outfits perfect for warm weather.

Only & Sons Denim Shorts Courtesy of ASOS


2. Saturdays NYC Quinn Denim Short Indigo


For those of you finally leaving quarantine, you might notice that you’ve gained a few since the beginning of last year. I know damn well I have. That’s why these jorts from Saturdays NYC are perfect for summer 2021. Considering they’re made with a stretchy waistband, these jorts will give your body the wiggle room it needs for now but will still fit in the future if you happen to lose a couple of pounds. These will look great with a white tee and a bucket hat, but like the jeans prior, they’ll match just about anything.

Saturdays NYC Quinn Denim Short Indigo Courtesy of Saturdays NYC


3. Urban Renewal Levi’s 501 5-Inch Cutoff Denim Short


Who wears short jorts? We wear short jorts. Short shorts for men have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years and, it’s like, thank God. Skies out, thighs out. There should be no reason any of you guys out there have pale-ass thighs in the summertime because shorts above or at the knee should be what all dudes are wearing nowadays. These Levi’s 501 5-inch cutoffs from Urban Outfitters’ Urban Renewal line will definitely be a little too short for some of you, but for those that ready to bear it all, here you go. These are the go-to pair of Levi’s you know and love already, just a tiny (read: a ton) bit shorter.

Urban Renewal Levi’s 501 5” Cutoff Denim Short Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


4. ASOS DESIGN Skinny Denim Shorts


Every jorts owner needs at least one pair in black. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. Okay, maybe I do, but hear me out: we’ve already discussed that jorts can go with just about anything this summer, right? Well, so can the color black. Merge the two together and you can wear anything. These jorts have a skinner look to them so they’re going to hug your thighs a bit, so keep that in mind. Additionally, they come in a washed black instead of a solid black, which is much more summery anyways.

ASOS DESIGN Skinny Denim Shorts Courtesy of ASOS


5. Wrangler Authentics Classic Relaxed Fit Stretch Cargo Short


Alright, let’s get something straight here — cargo shorts are atrocious. They have an energy that screams, “I have no idea what I am doing.” Simply do not wear them. Unless they are these Wrangler jorts. Let me explain.

Cargo shorts in colors like khaki or black are simply not cool and never will be. They’re lazy, unthought out and overall, totally whack. But, when it comes to cargo jorts, there are some exceptions. Cargo jorts have a dad-like aesthetic to them that feels intentional in terms of style. Like, if you wear them in the summer and you’re the kind of guy that knows how to dress, you can totally pull off cargo jorts. Hell, if you’re a dad who has no idea how to dress, you too can pull off cargo jorts. It’s the denim material that somehow allows the cargo look to work, but, again, do not wear regular cargo shorts. These are the only exception.

Wrangler Authentics Classic Relaxed Fit Stretch Cargo Short Courtesy of Amazon


6. Levi’s 511 Men’s Slim Cutoff Shorts


White jorts are great for the kind of guy that really wants to make a statement in his summer wardrobe. These bright white jorts from Levi’s do exactly that, no matter what they’re paired with. I definitely think that white jorts have less of a casual look to them and more of a put-together vibe, so feel free to pair these with a nice polo and a pair of boat shoes for a seaside date night or beach walk with bae. These are on the longer side, so it’s best you cuff them at the bottom one or two times to keep your look in check.

Levi's 511 Men's Slim Cutoff Shorts Courtesy of Levi's


7. BDG Patchwork Denim Volley Short


Leave it to BDG at Urban Outfitters to create one of the coolest pairs of jorts ready for summer. These patchwork denim shorts take the classic jorts aesthetic to an updated level by adding lighter wash denim and white patches to the mid-wash majority. They’re absolute eyecatchers, which means for once, you’re going to have to be a little pickier with what you wear up-top. Don’t pair these with anything too busy or you might as well have to throw the entire ‘fit in the garbage.

BDG Patchwork Denim Volley Short Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


8. G-Star 3301 Short


These are the longest I’ll let you go when it comes to jorts this summer — and I’m pushing it here. These slubby jean shorts cut down for the summer season will look great on the kind of dude who refuses to bear any thigh in the warmer months. Although you should, I get it if you’re uncomfortable. These come in three ready-to-wear colors and are made from mid-weight denim.

G-Star 3301 Short Courtesy of G-Raw


9. BLANKNYC Denim Shorts


I’ve given you tons of blues, a black, a white — now here’s something that will add a pop of color to your summer style. These red jorts are just what you need to add some varying tones into your warm-weather wardrobe. Pair these with a pair of white sneakers, a white undershirt and a chambray button-down shirt for nights outside at the local pub or for a casual sunset dinner.

BLANKNYC Denim Shorts Courtesy of Nordstrom


10. Levi’s 511 Slim Cut-Off 10 In. Shorts


Okay, I know I included this exact style of shorts earlier, but here they are again distressed in a light wash color. I just couldn’t leave them out. Sorry, not sorry. These ripped jorts add a bit of edge to your summer look. They have a distressed hem that looks great cuffed once and numerous holes up and down both legs to keep each pair feeling complete. Pair these with Converse high-tops and a band tee for an easy warm-weather outfit perfect for barhopping with the boys, low-key lunch dates with your boo or running errands from the supermarket to the laundromat.

Levi's 511 Slim Cut-Off 10 In. Shorts Courtesy of Levi's