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An Apple a Day Keeps the Dark Spots Away

* Designed for most skin types
* Effectively diminishes dark spots and discoloration
* Formulated with all organic ingredients

Organic, natural, effective – these interchangeable buzz words of the moment are guiding the current skincare market. And for good reason – the products you use to cleanse and moisturize your skin should be as pure and nutrient-rich as anything else you might put in your body. To that end, we present Juice Beauty Green Apple Mousse Hand and Body Cleanser.

This rich hand and body cleanser renews and revitalizes skin tone, addresses texture and brightens skin with organic green apple, organic lemon and organic grape ingredients. Potent fruit acids and age-defying antioxidants are also included in the concentrated formula to cleanse and brighten for healthy, brilliant skin from neck to toe.

Designed to benefit a wide range of skin types, this two-in-one product will deeply–yet gently–cleanse with coconut oil, and will also help exfoliate with organic raw cane sugar. Other nourishing ingredients include Vitamin E and algae, which help restore moisture to the skin.

Juice Beauty offers organic skin care and organic beauty products that are clinically validated to show transformative results without using harsh chemicals. The company uses only authentically organic formulas made with USDA-certified ingredients, for powerful action without potentially harmful endocrine-disrupting ingredients or animal testing.

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