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Plant Life Gone Chic: The Kate Spade Cactus Bag

* Add dash of humor to your look with this cactus-shaped clutch bag
* Constructed from cowhide leather with a metallic finish
* A playful summer accent to your wardrobe

No, your eyes aren’t lying to you. The cheerful cactus objet seen here is really a fashion accessory. To be filled with your summer essentials and looped around your wrist, this Kate Spade cactus clutch takes fashion’s current cacti motif trend to a new level.

The fully 3-dimensional recreation of a potted cactus plant has an irreverence so distinct, it will transform any outfit to a standout look by just incorporating this one-of-a-kind accessory. Constructed from durable cowhide leather, the cactus is perched a top graphic black and white striped pot with metallic gold glitter as a stand in for sand.

The faux plant top opens with the touch of a push-lock, accessing what’s essentially a round mini-bucket bag, lined in bright pink fabric. While the interior doesn’t offer pockets, the structured cylindrical shape has the advantage of letting you store and view your essentials in one place, unlike say, a soft leather hobo bag. And if its shape looks tough to carry, don’t worry, that’s been taken care of. Extending from a ruffled, layered leather floret atop the cactus, is a simple wrist strap that allows you to go hands-free.

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