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A Bangle Bracelet to Brighten Up Any Ensemble

* Easy, slip-on style 
* Sparkling pave glass stones surround the bracelet
* Perfect for stacking with other bracelets

For Kate Spade, her jewelry line is just another reflection of the crisp color, graphic prints and playful sophistication she weaves into her designs. Her classic Enamel Bangle Bracelet incorporates some of what makes Kate’s designs so special yet attainable.

The bangle is made from gold-plated metal enamel and decorated with delicate, sparkling pave glass stones surrounding the full length of the top and bottom edges. The slip-on style of the bracelet makes it perfect and easy to wear on a daily basis and is unique enough to stand on its own yet remains eminently stackable.

The delicate features and elegant simplicity of this bangle make it the perfect gifting piece for bridesmaids, best friends and mothers. Give as an end-of-year present to your children’s teachers or white elephant gift to your more treasured colleagues and watch as their eyes light up when they open the box.

Kate Spade got her start as an accessories editor with a passion for designing the perfect handbag. Kate Spade New York was borne out of the success of this small venture and led to the opening of her first storefront in New York. Today, Kate Spade has become a global lifestyle brand and aims to inspire her colorful living through a diverse, accessible and colorful product line.

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