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Stay Fashionably Fit With the Kate Spade New York Activity Tracker

Keep track of your fitness goals in style. The kate spade new york Scallop Tracker provides you with the perfect opportunity to balance day-to-day life with outstanding fashion.

The gold-dotted design with a cream background presents a chic and classy look. You’d never guess but this stylish bracelet is constantly collecting a wide variety of useful data about your general movements throughout the day.

Using the made-for-purpose kate spade new york Connected app, your smartphone is able to connect directly to the tracker on your wrist. Providing detailed information on your step count, sleep and general habits, you’ll be able to change your routine and set specific goals for yourself. Of course, these aspirations will inspire progress on a daily basis.

As with any good motivator, this kate spade fitness tracker provides you with small hints, inspiring quotes and also celebrates your achievements every time you reach one of your preset goals.

In addition, your fitness wristband is also be able to help out with other daily tasks, including controlling music, alerting you with light notifications regarding upcoming deadlines and remotely taking selfies.

The polyurethane strap and bow closure ensure that your tracker sits comfortably on your wrist.

It may look pretty, but most importantly, the kate spade new york Scallop Tracker provides essential information for a healthy lifestyle and allows you to set future fitness goals. Presented in a beautifully designed and stylish wristband, you will never want to it off, and you’ll be on the road to health and longevity before you know it!

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