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All Eyes Are On This Scarf, Made From Nature’s Finest Fabric

* Warm and whimsical scarf from Kate Spade
* Adorned with marabou feathers
* Made from super soft merino wool

Eyes — evil or not — and emoji-like faces have been trending in fashion and jewelry lately, but Kate Spade is eschewing the typically dark or witchy vibes for something a bit more whimsical this winter with the monster muffler.

Made from 100 percent merino wool and embellishments like 100 percent marabou feathers for eyebrows and crystals for pupils, the double layered scarf is the perfect accessory during the colder months ahead.

Unlike other wool scarves, you won’t be overly heated or itchy should you pick up the monster muffler. The merino wool that’s used throughout is made from one of the toughest and most ancient breeds of sheep. More importantly, the merino sheep’s fleece is built for extremes — it’s insulating in the cold and breathable in the summer.

What really makes merino wool stand out, though, is its ability to skim moisture away from your skin into the very core of the fiber keeping you cool. And even if it gets wet, the fabric still breathes beautifully. What’s more, the natural crimps in the fabric keep you warm even if the temperatures drop. It’s also incredibly soft to the touch and lightweight. Best of all, merino wool’s natural bacteriostatic properties make it resistant to odors and you won’t need to wash it as often. One could argue that merino wool is nature’s finest fabric.

Said to be inspired by the “look” of stage lights, the monster muffler from Kate Spade will add just the right amount of spectacle to your wardrobe this season.

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