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Tote Your Essentials in Adorable Fashion With the Normie Backpack

* Designed by Kendall and Kylie Jenner
* Backpack inspired by Norman “Normie” Jenner
* Dust bag included for fuss-free storage

Have you met Norman, a.k.a. “Normie?” He’s Kylie Jenner’s tiny Italian Greyhound. In 2012, Jenner tweeted about her dream dog, describing how much she wanted an Italian Greyhound. Two years later, Norman came along as a welcomed Christmas gift. If you’re a fan of Jenner, it comes as no surprise how much she adores Norman (she even created an Instagram for him). Now, you too, can have the lovable Norman by your side with the Normie Backpack by KENDALL + KYLIE, available at ShopBop.

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This playful backpack is a sweet replica of Norman in black pebbled leather and plush faux-shearling accents. You’ll be able to tote your everyday essentials in effortless style and comfort thanks to its adjustable shoulder straps. It also has a back zip closure to ensure your valuables stay secure.

Whether you get this charming accessory for yourself or as a gift for a Kendall and Kylie fan in your life, you’ll garner plenty of compliments with this one-of-a-kind backpack. When not in use, keep Normie in top shape and store it in the included dust bag.

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