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These Unisex Shoes Celebrate a Traditional African Craft

* Casual sneakers featuring Kente cloth lining
* Colorful fabric was traditionally reserved for African royalty
* Unisex sneakers; sizes available for men and women

Make a bold style statement with your sneakers this week and pick up a pair of Kente African Joggers from Inkkas. Founder Dan Ben-Nun started Inkkas after he was inspired by the handicraft and textiles he discovered during his travels around the world.

These unisex sneakers are handcrafted from plush, high-quality leather mixed with Kente cloth trim. First produced by the Akan people of South Ghana, this colorful, geometric textile was traditionally reserved for kings and rulers, and only worn on important occasions. Today, the fabric tells the story of an incredibly diverse continent and culture, offering a vivid and unique take on fashion and art.

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These sneakers are cut, sewn and stitched entirely by hand. They have a super soft interior lining, a contoured insole for comfort and an EVA/rubber outsole for durability. The taupe colored leather keeps the shoes grounded in a versatile neutral, that works for both men and women. The Kente cloth adds just the right amount of color and visual interest. Wear these instead of your generic Chucks for a look that’s a step up from the everyday.

Inkkas is committed to sustainable sourcing and manufacturing, and all their products are made with local artisans to support their craft and community. In addition, Inkkas is also committed to the environment – the company plants one tree with every shoe purchase.

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