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Koio’s Regenerative Sneakers That Sold Out in JUST 8 Hours Are Back Today For Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, folks! 🌎

To celebrate our lovely blue and green rock floating in space, modern luxe sneaker brand, Koio, has re-released their Capri Regenerative Sneakers — a pair that sold out in JUST eight hours total upon their initial soft-launch in January 2022. This is the world’s very first regenerative luxury sneaker, proving the brand’s innovative tactics aren’t slowing down whatsoever in our sustainably evolving world. Ultimately, this makes them one of the best sneakers of 2022, full send.

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Courtesy of Koio

But, what exactly is regenerative agriculture and why should you care?

As per Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc., there is no specific rule book, but the practice involves ensuring soil restoration and overall ecosystem health, promising inequity values are addressed and that the land, water and climate will not be negatively affected through farming. In turn, these parts of our earth will be left in better shape post-production.

All in all, the Koio Capri Regenerative Sneaker is helping pioneer the way sustainable practices will go forth in other luxury brands, which is a huge deal. Koio even promises to become fully regenerative by 2025, which is a serious step in the right direction for the future of fashion. Because every clothing brand should become a sustainable clothing brand.

But, let’s keep it real — are the shoes even cute?

Thankfully, hell yeah, they absolutely are.

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Courtesy of Koio

The Capri Regenerative Sneakers are vegetable-tanned beauties that are solely available in unique variations due to the natural differences between each hide. They’re sourced solely from regenerative farms in the Aplines of Surselva, Switzerland, but they’re fully handcrafted in Italy like the rest of Koio’s footwear. Options are only available in Castagna (a tanned brown) and Onyx (a rich black) colorways at the moment, acting as an ideal sneaker to rock from the office to happy hour afterward.

Each colorway is available in both men’s and women’s sizes solely at Koio. Styles are offered at $325, which is a solid price for something as sustainably made. What are you waiting for? Pick up yours before they sell out again using the button below.