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La Perla Gives the Classic Black Leather Pump a Dose of Refined Raciness

* Sky-high 115mm (4.5 inch) stiletto heel
* Full-grain calfskin with lacquered and palladium colored heel
* Made in Italy

While the name La Perla has long been synonymous with opulent, artisan-level lingerie, they’ve been quietly designing their ready-to-wear line complete with apparel, shoes and accessories for years. Their lesser known footwear line features an assortment of pumps, stilettos and sandals that are just as refined and sexy as their notorious lingerie.

La Perla Black Leather Pump

Take the sleek leather pump pictured here. What could normally be a staid and unassuming patent pump, is infused with sultry details in the hands of La Perla’s designers. Cut from luxuriously smooth calfskin,this patent stiletto is capped off with a mirror-like lacquered black heel.

The inner heel is galvanized in a palladium color, creating a slimming effect on the silhouette. If a shoe could be a super-powered Lamborghini, well, this would be it. The sky-high stiletto heel measures in at 115 mm, but special cushioned soles ensure elegance and comfort coexist. The toe tapers to a graceful almond shape, a lady-like counterpoint to the heel’s apologetically provocative rear view.

Under the recent creative direction of designer Julia Haart, La Perla has reinforced its position as an authority for developing innovative designs with sexy cuts. This killer pair of heels will look stunning paired with either a lingerie set or a maxi dress for a night out.

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