This Leather Backpack Was Handmade in a Small Artisan Village

This La Portenga Backpack is Made

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* Fully adjustable into different sizes
* Made of vegetable tanned leather
* Handmade in Spain

The latest take on the backpack-as-a-purse phenomenon that has recently taken over fashion, is the Rosa Petrol Leather Backpack by La Portenga. Representing minimalism at its best, this backpack is hand-made by artisans in a Spanish village known as a hub of craftsmanship and quality since the 19th century. This small village is where many of the world’s most discerning luxury brands have their leather produced.

Made using only the finest full-grain of Spanish leather, the Rosa Backpack owes its smooth and supple character to the wide open fields of Spain which produces the hides in full bloom without marks from barbed wire or insect bites. La Portegna’s leather is vegetable tanned with a unique blend of natural tannins and color compounds from Spanish flowers and tree bark. The leather is then treated with Spanish olive oil to nourish it, soften it and make it more robust. Not only does this all-natural tanning process result in beautiful looking leather that gets better with age, it is infinitely kinder to the environment.

The backpack can be adjusted into different sizes, has internal pockets and a slide strap. Due to the nature of the unique tanning process, no two bags will be alike. You have the option to personalize with a monogram of your choice as well.

La Portenga is a boutique in London that sells travel accessories, bags and shoes all handcrafted in Spain. They use high-quality natural materials to create simple, practical and elegant products.

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