25 Last-Minute Costume Ideas for Halloween 2021

last-minute costume ideas for halloween 2021
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If you still haven’t found your Halloween costume yet, there’s no need to freak out. There’s still time to pick up a last-minute Halloween costume. Skip the long lines at the party stores and order your costume online instead. We’ve sorted through hundreds of options online and found lots of easy-to-order (and easy-to-wear) costumes. Best of all, every costume on this list is available through Amazon Prime, with most being eligible for two-day and even next-day shipping. Fast shipping means you can actually wait until the last minute to order (though we don’t recommend it).

Unlike other ho-hum Halloween costumes, these bad boys come with everything included in the picture. That’s right! While some “costumes” only come with only a vest, a tunic, or even just a wig, these costumes feature everything you need to turn a few heads. No other makeup, weapons, or bulky accessories are required.

But while all these last-minute Halloween costumes are all available for delivery by October 31, you’ll need to remember to choose either next-day pickup or two-day shipping at checkout if you want time to take a look and try it on before the big night. You may want to hurry, though, as specific sizes and styles are selling out fast. The longer you wait, the less likely you are to receive your costumes by October 31, so don’t procrastinate any longer!

Keep reading to see the best last-minute costume ideas for Halloween 2021, all of which are available with two-day shipping thanks to the magic of Amazon Prime.

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1. Spider-Man Costumes

Who doesn’t love Spider-Man? Thanks to the magic of Amazon Prime, Spider-man is one of the absolute best last-minute costume ideas for kids and adults. The high-quality, realistic costume pictured below comes in a wide variety of sizes and it’s unisex, so it works for almost anyone. It’s also an easy, one-piece costume solution that will come in 48 hours for whoever didn’t plan enough this Halloween. In addition, we’ve also incldued a link to a children’s Spider-Man costume that will arrive before October 31.

Men's Marvel The Amazing Spider-Man Theatrical Adult Costume, best last-minute halloween costumes Courtesy of Amazon


2. HOPOCO LED Purge Halloween Mask, 2 Pack

Get quick delivery and amazing value with these Purge-inspired face masks that arrive in two days with Prime shipping. Made of premium PVC, each features LED lighting that offers three lighting modes: steady light, slow flash, and fast flash. Sold in a set of two, these will come in green and purple.

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Hopoco Purge Mask, best last-minute halloween costumes Courtesy of Amazon


3. Rasta Imposta Men’s Pickle

If you’re in a pickle for a last-minute Halloween costume, this option is sure to induce a few laughs. You don’t need anything other than the costume to complete the look, but if you’re in cooler temperatures, you might want to consider popping on a long sleeve shirt underneath the costume for added warmth.

Last minute halloween costumes pickle, best last-minute halloween costumes Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Spooktacular Creations Inflatable Bear Costume

We love everything about this inflatable bear costume, and we think you will too! Best of all, this costume is available with two-day shipping, so it should arrive in time for Halloween.

inflatable bear costume, last minute halloween costumes Amazon


5. Princess Dress Costume

Looking for the best last-minute Halloween costumes for girls? Then you can’t go wrong with a classic princess dress.

princess dress, last minute costume ideas Amazon


6. Morphsuits Monster Costume

Creepypastas are the internet’s version of urban legends, and Morphsuits are an easy way to transform into a freaky-creepy of your choice completely. Donning one of these will make you the spookiest member of the Zoom party.

Morphsuits Last Minute Costume Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Double Couple Inflatable Alien Costume

. This outfit is a last-minute Halloween costume that will turn heads. All you have to do is pop your legs in, inflate the alien, and you’ll be good to go. Plus, it’s made of durable polyester, so you don’t have to worry about catching a tear out there in outer space.

Inflatable Alien Costume Courtesy of Amazon


8. Norme Hippie Costume Set

It’s all peace and love with this four-piece hippie costume set, man. This has been such a crazy year, and this is the perfect costume to infuse some groovy vibes into Halloween.

Norme Hippie Costume Set Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Party City Top Gun: Maverick Flight Costume

Kudos to Tom Cruise for making a flight suit look so dang good. But you can do the same thing too. And with Top Gun: Maverick hitting the big screen next year, this is a relevant costume to pull off just in time for Halloween.

Party City Top Gun: Maverick Flight Costume Courtesy of Amazon



10. Rubie’s Grand Heritage Pennywise Costume

Completely transform into the contemporary horror icon Pennywise from IT. This set includes everything you would possibly need to become the infamous evil clown, from the mask with a wig to the shirt and even the pants.

Halloween Men's Pennywise Costume Amazon


11. Rubie’s Official Jurassic World Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

There are tons of dinosaur costumes available online, but this is one of the few that features two-day shipping. This classic inflatable dino is made from 100% vinyl and will turn any party up a notch. It comes packed in a nice little box, but it looks fantastic once it is set up and inflated. The cool thing about this costume is that it’s an all-in-one set, meaning you don’t need to go out and search for other accessories to complete the look. It also comes with its own internal fan, which is sure to come in handy if you’re thinking about taking this costume to the streets this year.

Rubie's Official Jurassic World Inflatable Dinosaur Costume Courtesy of Amazon


12. One-Piece Kangaroo Costume

Stay warm and cozy with this plush kangaroo onesie. The costume features a hood with eyes, teeth and nose for full effect. Matching tails and chest designs help complete your outback look. And because it’s made with super soft fabric, you’ll be the one member of your crew who feels extra comfy while everyone else is stuck wriggling in their uncomfortable outfits.

One-Piece Kangaroo Costume Courtesy of Amazon


13. HSCTEK Inflatable Adult Alien Costume

Why be an alien for Halloween when you can be the next best thing: an alien abductee. This unisex inflatable alien-hostage costume is a funny and creative way to take the space-themed Halloween look to the next level. It looks great on all body shapes and is easy to inflate with just four AA batteries (if you need some, we recommend these). It’s a perfect costume for sci-fi geeks and jokesters alike. Sadly, the spaceship is sold separately. Bummer.

HSCTEK Inflatable Adult Alien Costume Courtesy of Amazon


14. Classic Snow White Costume

Live your inner princess fantasy with the Snow White dress of your wildest dreams. This gorgeous dress hits the ankle unlike other Snow White costumes on Amazon, instilling the idea that less skin is more for this look. This easy, last-minute look is easy to throw on and requires nothing else to get the look just right aside from the classic black wig. You’ll be able to call all the wildlife you want straight to your front door, just like the Disney princess herself. Let’s just hope they don’t get into your garbage.

Classic Snow White Costume Courtesy of Amazon


15. Baby Shark Mommy Shark Adult Costume with Sound Chip

Your kids will love getting to be the Baby Shark to this Mommy Shark costume. It even has a sound chip included that plays the actual song at the press of a button. It’s an adorable costume for both parent and child, plus it’s super affordable and has free, fast shipping. Parents are busy.

mommy shark costume Courtesy of Amazon


16. Grim Reaper Costume Adult with Glowing Red Eyes

If you’re going for a spookier, more classic Halloween costume, this one-piece Phantom of Darkness costume is a great option. It’ll also disguise your identity so that you can scare your friends or trick-or-treaters. It comes with a robe, mask and sash for around $25.

Grim Reaper Costume Adult with Glowing Red Eyes Courtesy of Amazon


17. DeHasion Inflatable Clown Costume 

This inflatable last-minute Halloween costume will arrive ready to go for the Halloween holiday. All you need are four AA batteries and you’re all set. The adult costume in one size fits most and operates with a blower that inflates it as you walk around.

DeHasion Inflatable Costume, best last-minute halloween costumes Courtesy of Amazon


18. Soofun Plague Doctor Bird Mask

Pop on this plague doctor mask for a quick and spooky last-minute Halloween costume. It’s made of high-quality materials and features ventilation holes for comfortable to wear.

Plague Doctor Mask Courtesy of Amazon


19. Party City Shark Attack Survivor Halloween Costume

Take the shocking approach to Halloween costumes this year with this shark attack survivor costume. The one-size-fits-most costume comes as a pullover tunic that looks like a grey shark jumping out of the water to bite you. Rock it solo or pair it with other sea creatures or lifeguards for a group costume. 

Party City Shark Attack Survivor Halloween Costume Courtesy of Amazon


20. Party City Cobra Kai Halloween Costume

Jump into the role of Johnny Lawrence in this Cobra Kai last-minute Halloween costume. It comes with a black headband, a sleeveless v-neck top with a detachable obi belt and Cobra Kai logos on the front and back, as well as matching pants. This one-size-fits-most outfit is available for two-day delivery with Amazon Prime.

Party City Cobra Kai Halloween Costume Courtesy of Amazon


21. Men’s German Bavarian Oktoberfest Costume

This German Bavarian costume feeds two birds with one worm because you can use it for virtual Oktoberfest celebrations as well as all your Halloween festivities. The only thing you’ll need to provide is the beer.

last minute halloween costumes German Oktoberfest Image courtesy of Amazon


22. Dreamgirl King of Egypt Costume

Made of 100% polyester, this King of Egypt costume comes with a sleeveless black shirt, Egyptian Shendyt skirt with embellished waistband, headpiece, and eye of Horus necklace. Get it in two days with Prime shipping,

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Dreamgirl Mens King of Egypt King Tut, best last-minute halloween costumes Courtesy of Amazon


23. DJ Mask With LED Lights

Sometimes, the only thing you need to create the perfect Halloween costume is the right mask, which is why this DJ Mask with flashing LED lights is one of our favorite last-minute costume ideas for Halloween 2021.

last minute halloween costume Amazon


24. Psycho Killer Machete

With this bloody prop machete, you can dress up for Halloween as a psycho killer. Choose a classic movie villain like Jason or simply create your own DIY last-minute costume for Halloween.

last minute halloween costume ideas Amazon


25. Devil Headbands

Finally, for our last last-minute Halloween costume idea, we have evil incarnate: the devil himelf. A devil is actually a really easy DIY costume so long as you have devil horns. Simply dress in red and add makeup as desired.

devil headbands, last minute halloween costume ideas Amazon


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