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Which Popular 90s Song Inspired These Sunglasses?

* Round frames are suitable for most face shapes
* Color options allow year-round wear
* See below for some new sunglass options

Le Specs are a trendsetting sunglasses brand that gained icon status in the 1980s where their name was synonymous with a chic, European sensibility. The brand has since been reimagined and was relaunched in 2006 with unique designs and innovative collaborations with artists and designers while still keeping their eyewear is accessible, affordable and fashion-forward.

Below we have chosen 3 pairs from the cheeky “Hey Macarena” collection, inspired by that song (and that dance) you couldn’t get away from in the 90s. They say the 90s are back and better than ever. These sunnies prove it. They’re easy to wear and won’t put a dent in your pocketbook.

1. Matte Sunglasses

These matte magenta stunners have frosted frames and tinted mirrored lenses. With their modern take on a fifties round shape, these frames will suit most face shapes and the bright pink color will stand out anywhere you go.

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Image Courtesy Shopbop[/caption]


2. Gold Mirror Sunglasses

Our next Macarena sunglass option has been styled with translucent tortoiseshell frames and feature the ever popular gold mirrored lens. These are a great addition to your sunglass wardrobe and work for any season, any sex and can be paired with jeans and just as easily with a dress.

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Image Courtesy Shopbop[/caption]


3. Blonde/Brown Sunglasses

Our last pick of the Macarena collection is another unisex frame in a great and flattering “blonde” tone with a soft touch rubber finish. With clear, tinted frames and brown lenses, these monochromatic sunnies will blend in seamlessly to your face and will add subtle glamour to any outfit.

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Image Courtesy Shopbop[/caption]

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