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This Leather Camera Bag Pairs Vintage Looks With Modern Convenience

* Genuine high-quality leather 
* Padded compartments for DSLR cameras and lenses
* Vintage messenger bag look and feel 

This leather camera bag has just the right classic vintage look and feel for when you want to keep a lower profile for your high-tech DSLR.

With a retro messenger bag design and padded compartments sized for a DSLR like the

, Nikon D810 or similar, the Feather Touch leather messenger bag is convenient for street photography and compact enough to bring to events and venues where you don’t want a heavy backpack or obtrusive camera bag in tow.

Made of genuine cow leather, it is durable enough for daily use and has high-quality brass buckles and clasps. The fit and finish is sturdy and gives this messenger bag the feel of something both older and built-to-last. The leather will age and patina beautifully the more you wear the bag and work it in.

The padded compartments are a nice modern touch, giving you something you don’t usually get with actual vintage messenger bags and vintage camera bags. In that way, the Feather Touch camera messenger bag offers the best of both worlds: vintage look and feel, plus the padded protection and convenient compartments of a practical camera bag or equipment bag.

There is even a handy smaller compartment for notebooks or tablets, which is great to have if you carry a light meter, flash sync controller or other camera accessories. Side pockets accommodate CF and SD cards, card readers and there is plenty of room for a DSLR body and a spare battery or battery grip. When you’re not using the camera, this bag is handsome enough to double as your everyday work or school bag too.

Low key and with a great vintage style, this leather camera bag definitely doesn’t scream “tourist” or “aspiring DSLR amateur photographer” the way some gear bags and carry-alls do. At under 100 dollars, it’s a great investment for your photography tools – and your everyday style.