Sunglasses, Eyeglasses – This Leather Case Can Hold Them All

eyeglass case

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* Store your glasses in this luxury, glass-top, leather case
* Holds eight pairs of frames
* Supplied with lock and key to keep your eyewear safe

Forget spending hours retracing your steps, trying to find where you left your favorite glasses. This leather eyeglass case will keep your specs in a safe and secure place. But, it really gets better than that.

Casual daytime glasses, reading glasses, dinner glasses, sunglasses – owning a pair of glasses for every occasion means you have a lot of cases to keep around the house. Realistically, you can only wear one pair at a time, so having a central location for all those glasses would probably be helpful. Look no further. This luxury eyeglass case provides the perfect solution to storing all of your eyewear. Up to eight pairs of glasses will fit inside the leather box, which is made from high-quality cowhide and features a microfiber-lined interior to ensure your eyewear remains safe and scratch free.


Furthermore, this special case is the ideal place to put your designer glasses on show when you aren’t wearing them. It features a glass top to provide a view of the possibilities available to you or to induce jealousy in all your four-eyed friends. Whether you’re heading out for a day at the beach, an afternoon in town, or an evening dinner date, you’ll be able to choose the perfect glasses with ease. You can also rest easy knowing that your glasses will be right where you left them. This case sports a push-lock clasp with a key for extra security.

Made to prevent the problem of misplaced spectacles, this stylish eyeglass case offers a luxury household piece for keeping your glasses safe and ready to wear whenever you need them next.

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