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The Leather Ruffle Skirt Offers A Contemporary Take on Classic Elegance

* Genuine leather midi skirt from Topshop
* Flattering silhouette with easy motion
* Dress it up or dress it down

Stop making room for the miniskirt in your closet and elevate your look with this Leather Ruffle Skirt. Crafted from genuine leather into a tea-length silhouette, with an asymmetric hemline and soft pleats, the Leather Ruffle Skirt from Topshop invokes the Roaring ’20s for the modern woman.

Fitted through the hips, the Leather Ruffle Skirt serves curves while allowing for easy motion thanks to the full lining and flared hem. Wear it with mules and your favorite sweater for a transitional look that’s sure to turn heads.

Outfitted with statement buttons and a practical back-zip closure, this skirt is a welcome addition to your wardrobe. It’s an appropriate but bold option for the office, and a welcome break from weekend jeans and yoga pants.

Despite it’s strong aesthetic, the Leather Ruffle Skirt is quite versatile. You can wear it with a sweater as suggested, but don’t be afraid to try something edgy.

Capture rock n’ roll spirit with a band tee and booties. Try a drapey top and embellished pumps when you’re ready to hit the town. That’s the magic of black leather — it can be anything you want.

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