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Off the Chain: Carry Your Keys in This Leather Envelope

* Crafted from genuine leather
* Eliminates bulky pockets
* Keeps your keys organized

Is that a keychain in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? Everyone’s been the butt of the classic boner joke in one form or another. Lame, predictable and annoying, it’s pretty much the Big Bang Theory of banal chitchat.

Unless you’re carrying a bag, which most guys don’t unless headed to the gym or office, the only option besides jamming a stuffed keychain in your pocket is to buy a clip for your belt loop, and that really only works for bikers and janitors. That’s why you need the Leather Swivel Key Case by Phigvel Makers.

Crafted from oiled horsehide, this slim keyholder holds multiple keys while remaining totally unnoticed in your pocket. The keys attach to a swivel and swing out for use without having to leave the case, minimizing the chance of dropping or losing them. The real leather looks better with age, meaning you don’t have to worry about replacing this life hack accessory for years to come.

The words “door,”  “office,” “home” and “ignition” are embossed at the four corners, making it simple to keep your keys organized and easy for a friend to know which key goes to what when you hand it off to them. 

Even if you do also carry a bag, you’ll like how the case keeps them from scratching the face of your smartphone or tablet. Plus you won’t hear your keys jingle inside. It’s a win-win.

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