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8 Best Leather Winter Gloves Doing Cold-Weather Fashion Right This Year

Leather winter gloves are hard to get wrong. If our hands are keeping warm from the arctic winter winds and looking good while doing so, that’s a win-win we can’t say no to. Because leather winter gloves have that obvious cool factor we love to see in men’s accessories, these multifunctional winter must-haves are essential for the colder months.

When it comes to leather winter gloves, you’re going to want to look for a few things. One, make sure that the gloves are waterproof. Gloves without protection from the elements are pointless. Yeah, we want to look good, but we want to feel even better. Non-waterproof leather winter gloves won’t hold up at all over time.

Two, heavy-duty gloves are elite. You might be intrigued by some high-end leather gloves from designer brands, but a lot of the time, these brands don’t put in the effort for durable construction. Be sure you snag leather winter gloves that will last you years and years.

Most important, number three. Leather winter gloves have to be insulated for protection. This is critical. Non-insulated leather winter gloves could lead to frostbites, burns and more. Insulation is key to keeping your paws protected at all costs, so you shouldn’t be considering anything less.

So, lace up your winter boots, throw on your best puffer jacket and lather those palms in leather winter gloves because we’re headed outside into the tundra that is winter 2022. Read on and check out all of our go-to picks below.

1. REI Co-op Guide Insulated Gloves


Real leather winter gloves don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Take REI Co-op Guide Insulated Gloves for example. These double-stitched gorgeous leather gloves come in at just $50 to keep you looking cool and feeling warm all season long. They’re created with breathable soft-shell fabric for immense moveability so your hands won’t feel trapped. Inside, the gloves are stuffed with both synthetic insulation and shearling fleece to maximize warmth during your daily outdoor excursions. Use them just about anywhere, too. Walk the dog, ski with your friends, take the kids our sledding. Your options are endless and your fingers are cozy 24/7.

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Courtesy of REI


2. L.L.Bean Deerskin Gloves


Deerskin is a leather everyone should consider when searching for some stellar winter gloves. These water-resistant gloves offer total protection from weather mishaps and chipper winds on even the most brutal of days. Each glove is made to be extra durable and quite rugged for that worn-in feeling you won’t have to spend days adjusting to. They’re the kind of gloves that feel and look like vintage hand-me-downs. Complete with 40 gram-Thinsulate insulation to keep those fingers and palms toastier than ever, L.L.Bean is a seriously awesome option to consider.

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Courtesy of L.L.Bean


3. Give’r 4 Season Glove


To keep these gloves extra useful in even the most extreme weather conditions, the Give’r 4 Season Gloves are coated with wax to make extra sure that nothing is coming in or out. They’re ideal for all kinds of protection. Snowboarding in negative temps? No issue. Moving logs around in the campfire? Go for it. Stepping off the subway to walk a block and a half to your office building? Do you, baby. Waterproof, heavy-duty and insulated to the gods, your winters are about to run a little more smoothly from here on out.

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Courtesy of Huckberry


4. Alepo Genuine Sheepskin Leather Gloves


Typically, we wouldn’t send you to Amazon for a pair of winter leather gloves, but these Genuine Sheepskin Leather Gloves from Alepo are an exception. These top-notch winter leather gloves are soft to the touch and comfortable as hell. They’re lightweight in comparison to most leather winter gloves, but they still distribute just enough warmth to keep your hands cozy in chillier temperatures. Using your smartphone? Keep your gloves on. Each pair is fully able to use with touchscreen phones. For just $30, these are definitely a plausible pick.

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Courtesy of Amazon


5. Timberland Fleece-Lined Leather Gloves


Using 100% goat leather with nubuck leather on the body of the gloves, these fleece-lined beauties from Timberland are seriously something to rave over. Why? Because not only are they good-looking and rugged from the exterior, the entirety of the interior is coated with a fleece-lined material that will keep your hands warmer than warm. Softer than soft. Cozier than cozy. Like, you’ll feel like you’re wearing clouds kind of warm. Complete with elastic wrists to make them easier to put on and touchscreen fingertips so you can use your smartphone, these are the gloves to get. Oh, and did we mention that they’re on sale? Because they’re on sale.

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Courtesy of Timberland


6. Dents Buxton Touchscreen Leather Gloves


Like we said in our intro, designer leather gloves aren’t always the smartest option because they’re not as well constructed as you might think. That said, we would more than usually stay away from high-end distribution sites like Farfetch, SSENSE and Mr. Porter. While we do love these brands, we just don’t always trust some of the high-end, super high-fashion items to hold up over time. But, that said, there’s always an exception, like Dents’ breathtaking Buston Touchscreen Leather Gloves. While this isn’t the most popular of designer brands (or the most expensive, just check out that $70 price tag), the gloves do have a high-fashion look to them typically seen in the likes of larger designers. Each pair here is made from soft brown leather with knitted linings to keep toasty. You can even text with these puppies, too.

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Courtesy of Mr Porter


7. Shinola + Geier Deerskin Mittens


Where there are great leather winter gloves, there are some stellar leather winter mittens. For those of you that prefer keeping all of your fingers in the same space, these deerskin mittens from Shinola and Geier are certainly ones to consider. They’ve got a buttery consistency to the exterior that’s way soft to the touch with a fluffy lined inside worth bragging about. Because they’re built with immense care, they should be the last mittens you’ll ever have to buy.

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Courtesy of Shinola


8. Carhartt Winter Dex Cow Grain Insulated Glove


Carhartt is a brand you simply can’t pass up. These rugged, winter-ready gloves are built for the coldest of cold temperatures and the dampest of damp situations. They use a softshell exterior combined with handsome cow leather to keep your hands safe no matter what. The gloves also use FastDry technology lining that kisses sweat goodbye so your hands stay dry even if you’re prone to some clammy moments. Speaking of dryness, the outside of the gloves are totally Storm Defender waterproof, which keeps the interior breathable and totally rain-free.

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Courtesy of Carhartt