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Plaid Isn’t Just For Winter

* A lightweight flannel for anytime of the year
* The cut is slim fitting, so size up if you prefer a looser fit
* No chest pocket

Plaid may seem like something you’d only wear in the fall or winter, but have you ever wondered why that is? After all, who said you could only wear tartan during colder months? It really is a versatile enough pattern that can sustain itself no matter the season or temperature. And as great as this Rag & Bone Tomlin shirt is, why are we supposed to only wear plaid in the winter months?

Well, it might help to understand the origins of plaid. Or as the Scottish call it, tartan. Plaid is defined as a “long piece of tartan fabric, traditionally worn as part of a full highland dress uniform.” And tartan is a pattern that consists of “criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands” in a variety of color combinations. While those of us in North America may use both words interchangeably, the Scottish view plaid as a “cloth slung over the shoulder as a kilt accessory,” or an ordinary blanket you might have thrown on top of your bed.

We clearly view plaid much differently than the Scottish. While this shirt will keep you cozy, it’s made with a lightweight flannel that’s easier to wear (I.e. won’t make you sweat) in the summer. The dark pattern is a more refined take on the traditional red checks, while the button-down collar, back placket and trim fit add a contemporary finish.

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