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Canada Goose Reimagines The Classic Bomber Jacket

* Classic bomber jacket reinterpreted in modern, abstract print
* Five total pockets, including hand warmers
* Windproof and water-resistant

First introduced in the 1950s, the MA-1 (aka bomber jacket) was originally built to keep pilots warm, comfortable and nimble while flying at high altitudes. Sixty or so years on, the United States Air Force and Navy pilots are no longer issued bomber jackets, but the fashion world has embraced the iconic garment as their own. Showing no signs of falling out of style, Canada Goose’s Faber Jacket upgrades the traditional look with modern materials, an artsy print and much-needed new features.

According to Canada Goose, the Faber will keep you cozy well into the lower 40s, thanks to a more durable fabric called “Dura-Force” that effectively blocks out the wind and is also water-resistant. Despite its weather protecting abilities, the fabric remains quite soft and comfortable. Other upgrades on the Faber include mesh venting around the shoulders and double-reinforced elbows. Mainstays like rib-knit cuffs and waistband are still heavy duty and no doubt keep the cold out.

The best two upgrades, though, are definitely the oversized slot buttons and two additional pockets instead of the standard three. Often times the zipper on any fashion-leaning MA-1 jacket tends to be rubbish. By swapping it out for oversized buttons, it would seem to be much easier and faster to button up or down. The hand warmer pockets are just a smart addition.

While traditional bombers were rendered in a basic black or military green (“olive”), we like the fashion-forward take of this “Nocturne” print. Looking a bit like abstract or impressionist art, it gives off the same effect as an army camo, only in a rich and contemporary take.

Countless iterations of the bomber jacket have been released in recent years and the majority are generally sub-par renditions, but every so often there’s an update that warrants a second look. This is one of them.

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