A Linen Sport Coat For Summer And Beyond

Here's a Lightweight, Slim Fit Linen

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* Made from pure linen woven in Italy
* Slim fit, lightweight construction make this perfect for summer
* Available in multiple colors and all lengths

Linen has traditionally been a fabric associated with summer given the benefits of its cooling properties during those warmer months. But it’s actually quite versatile and as cooling as it is in the heat, it can be just as warm in the cold. With winter now firmly behind us, however, we’ll just stick with the former for now.

Any addition to your wardrobe shouldn’t be confined to a one-dimensional use case, which is why we love Brooks Brothers’ two-button Regent Fit (read: slim fit) Linen Sport Coat. Consider it a utility piece for your wardrobe that extends beyond tradition. Is it appropriate for a client meeting or business dinner? Of course it is. Is it overkill for weekend brunch? Absolutely not. It should fit your lifestyle, and not the other way around.

Linen, for the uninformed, is a highly absorbent textile that manages to feel cool and dry to the touch even when wet. That’s due in part to the fabric’s natural structure, as well as being highly conductive. Not only is it one of the most durable fabrics, but it’s one of a few textiles that is actually stronger when wet than it is when dry.

Brooks Brothers offers this stylishly versatile two-button sport coat in fine linen woven in Italy. This blazer is offered in blue, brown and grey for all your warm weather sartorial needs.

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