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Lululemon Chinos Are the Perfect Pants for Heading Back to the Office

Every single weekday, you wake up, roll out of bed and throw on your Lululemon sweatpants, ready to start another day at your work from home desk. But, the day has finally come. You’re headed back to the office. In. Real. Life. Meaning, no, you can no longer work from home in your Lulus.

Or, can you?

While this might sound kind of obvious, it should go without saying that you can’t wear your best sweatpants to work. Serious no-no. But, you can still wear Lululemon to work. How? Lululemon chinos, baby. The biggest office life hack the world ever did see.

Lululemon chinos are built to be some of the most moveable pants around. Unlike sweatpants and joggers, they don’t have an athletic look to them, meaning you can easily wear them out casually without others assuming you’re in your gym clothes. This means that yes, they’re 100% office-friendly.

Each pair of Lululemon chinos is built to keep you comfortable enough to ride ’em out all day. They’ve got that stretch you so desperately deserve and the style you’ve been itching for. Pairing with a tee? A no-brainer. A polo? It’s going to be a yes from us. A full-throttle button-down shirt ready for work? You know damn well you can. With three great-looking pairs to choose from, outfit ideas are endless.

Ready to get on the Lululemon chino wave? Check out the styles below.

Disclaimer: Although we have recently done sponsored posts with Lululemon, this post is not sponsored. We just genuinely love these chinos.

1. ABC Pant Classic

It’s time to get going. When you wake up in the morning running 15 minutes behind schedule, these are going to be the pants you pick up off the floor from the day before and running out of the house in with your shoes untied. They’re made for an on-the-go lifestyle and look effortlessly handsome on, even if you had one too many drinks with the boys last night. Each pair is designed with quick-drying Warpstreme fabric that retains shape and holds wrinkle resistance no matter how many days in a row you’re wearing. The pants feel baby smooth on and come in a variety of colors to mix and match with your go-to work shirts.

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Courtesy of Lululemon


2. Commission Pant Classic

These are the chinos that every dude wants and deserves. Lululemon’s Commission Pants reimagine all the best chinos you’ve ever purchased at J.Crew, Target and Nordstrom by making them stretchy and breathable. Have a work meeting in a different city tomorrow morning with a red-eye tonight? These are the pants to wear for their softness, relaxed moveability zero potential for wrinkling in your suitcase or on the plane. They make an excellent companion for the kind of guy who spends his morning running errands, his afternoon in the office and his evenings at happy hour. They even come in a number of good-looking colors.

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Courtesy of Lululemon


3. Bowline Pant

While these aren’t as professional-looking as the two Lululemon chinos listed prior, we still think you can get away with rocking these Bowline Pants in the office. It’s okay, we won’t tell anyone your dirty little secret. These handsome pants ditch the classic button and zip for the much-more-cozy elasticized waist with a drawstring. While this isn’t the most work-ready, we think you can easily wear these on days where you don’t tuck your shirt in if you throw the drawstring cords in your waistband. Each pair has a natural fit with four-way stretch and abrasion-resistant material, making them ideal for the clumsy type. Colors? Duh. It’s Lulu. Find anything from a creamy white to a bright sunset red.

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Courtesy of Lululemon