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Lululemon Reinvents the Sports Bra With Its Most Advanced Design Yet

* Lululemon Athletica debuts new sports bra
* The Enlite designed to move with body, not restrict motion
* Available in stores and online

Beloved yoga and athletic wear brand, Lululemon Athletica has launched a new sports bra designed to move with your breasts rather than against them. Most sport bras help support your assets through compression and restriction of up-and-down motion. As many women are well aware, this type of support can be rather uncomfortable and even painful, during your workout and afterwards.

Leave it to Lululemon to come up with a stylish solution to the common problem. Today, the Canadian brand released the Enlite Bra, their most innovative sports bra yet. This high-performance sports bra was designed “to manage movement, enhance comfort and provide a natural, feminine shape with added support and smooth touch.” In other words: it encourages, rather than restricts, natural movement.

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According to Lululemon, this bra was created after years in the making, during which the team tested designs and performance on over 1,000 different women, reworking the prototype again and again, based on feedback from real women. And rather than relying on sketches as the design model, Lululemon’s design team went straight to the female body, draping the fabric on the body for a 3D (and more accurate) perspective. At last, the brand feels they’ve gotten it pretty close to perfect, with an advanced design based on a “holistic understanding of how the breasts move in all directions, not just up and down.”

Speaking of which, the Enlite Bra debuts the brand’s latest proprietary fabric, Ultralu — a softer, more breathable nylon/lycra-like fabric, created to effectively wick away sweat and reduce chafing. Even when running, Lululemon says this bra’s high-tech design will ensure your assets are well-supported, dry and comfortable.

At just $98, the Enlite Bra is offered with expansive sizing options, ranging from 34A to 36E in order to support women of all body types during high intensity workouts. Available in stores and online, this high-performance bra will — like most of Lululemon’s awaited releases — sell out quickly.