Everyone is Talking About These Magnetic Ski Goggle Lenses That Pop On-And-Off With a Toss

Anon M4 Ski Goggles
Courtesy of Anon
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* You can pop these lenses on-and-off with one quick flip of the wrist
* Goggles use high-quality lenses designed for pros and made in a variety of colors
* Easily attach the included facemask to your goggles

It seems as though the future has arrived. The big brains behind ski brand, Anon, have designed a magnetic ski goggle lens that takes the pain out of swapping out lenses on the slopes. Their powerful lens retention system allows you to quickly change out low-light lenses for darker ones when the sun decides to make an appearance—all with a quick pull of the lens. It pops off easily and clicks back on by simply holding the lens near the goggles and letting it magnetically attract the lens straight to its secure position. Not only is this a game-changer for professional snowboarders and skiers who don’t have time to waste when dropping in from the high peaks but the clarity of these lenses allows all types of riders to see more definition in the landscape with an excellent lens design that minimizes peripheral distortion. The lenses are the Sonar by Zeiss, the collaboration between Anon and the optical wizards over at Zeiss who specialize in lens technology that keeps up with high-performance users.

One Amazon reviewer raved about the usability and optical quality of the lenses saying. “These are my favorite goggles by far. They are large and provide a huge field of view while still working nicely with my helmet. They also do not put any pressure on my sinuses so it is super easy to breathe through my nose while wearing them. The SONAR lenses are like x-ray vision for the snow. The terrain just pops out and I can see everything. They come with two lenses, one for sunny conditions and one for cloudy conditions. Changing the lenses couldn’t be easier and is actually fun. The lens is held onto the frame with magnets. I just pull the lens off and then let it fly back into position.”

Anon M4 Ski Goggles black Courtesy of Anon

Even though there are other competitors making magnetic lenses for ski goggles, we love the all-around high-design and seamlessness that the Anon lenses offer. They also come with the option to customize the lenses, as you are able to choose from a variety of lenses that are designed specifically for different light conditions; everything from overcast snow days where there is minimal visibility on the hill to days when the sun blares from blue skies and you need an extra dark tint to protect from damaging rays. Another notable feature is the goggles Magnetic Facemask Integration patented design, which lets wearers seal their facemask to the under part of the goggle in a quick motion so you don’t have to adjust while plotting your next line. This particular pair comes with a blacked-out Sonar Smoke lens and the Sonar Blue lens as well as the Anon black face mask to eliminate both sun and wind burn while cruising.

Anon M4 Ski Goggles Courtesy of Anon